Andrew Shue too classy for messy Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes saga

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ABC has washed its hands of the Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes scandal — and now the anchors’ estranged spouses are ready to move on, too.

In fact, Robach’s estranged husband Andrew Shue “doesn’t want a part of this. No one wants a part of their mess,” a source who knows the former couple told Page Six.

“He’s very classy,” the insider added.

Another pal of the former couple told us the most difficult part about the scandalous affair was that “everyone loved Andrew.”

“There’s not anybody who doesn’t like Andrew. He’s a really nice person and he’s a good guy — so nice, and so kind and generous,” they said of the former “Melrose Place” heartthrob.

The source also told us “friends aren’t on board with T.J. and Amy,” but that Robach hasn’t listened to the criticism.

“She has a lot of friends who just love her and support her no matter what,” the source said.

Still, “there are people who are super close to her saying, ‘What are you doing? Maybe you should think about this?’ I think she just didn’t want to hear any of that,” the source added.

Robach’s friends describe her as someone with good intentions, but acknowledged, “she follows her feelings and gets what she wants,” the second source put it. The insider added, “One of her flaws: She falls in love with people — friends and men — and maybe she thinks a little too much on impulse. She’s a bit impulsive.”

Our first source described Robach as “a survivor,” who “feels it’s her right to be happy” even though, “Amy [allegedly] broke up a marriage, and was friends with his wife.”

Meanwhile, Shue’s 26-year-old son, Nate, reportedly shared a GIF of Jimmy Fallon saying, “Let’s just move on,” a day after his stepmom and Holmes were ousted from ABC.

All signs point to Holmes and Robach being ready to put the scandal behind them, too. They were photographed all over Los Angeles, living out loud, hours after they kissed their dream jobs at ABC goodbye.

“They really like each other. People have been trying to get her to that place to think about what she’s doing, but she’s not there at all. She’s like a year away from being like, ‘What the f–k did I do?’ But right now, it’s very much, ‘I love him,’” the second source said of Robach.

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