Angelina Pivarnick Admits She & Fiance ‘Argued’ Over Her Sexual Tension With Vinny Guadagnino

Even though Angelina Pivarnick and Vinny Guadagnino ‘hooked up years ago,’ she admitted the resulting sexual tension jokes on ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ led to squabbles with her fiancé, Chris Larangeira.

A running joke on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is Angelina Pivarnick and Vinny Guadagnino’s “sexual tension,” thanks to their endless on-screen spats. While jokes such as Ronnie Ortiz-Magro saying that the co-stars have “one more hate bang to get out” makes for amusing television, it’s awkward for one person on the other side of the screen — Angelina’s fiancé, Chris Larangeira. Angelina, 33, revealed how Chris feels about these NSFW jokes during an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife! “You know, me and Vinny, obviously we hooked up years ago. I don’t know what the hell the deal is. I do feel like Vinny…He doesn’t ever want to admit it,” Angelina began, giving some context behind her fights with Vinny, 31, on MTV (they hooked up in Season 2 of the original Jersey Shore). “Like just like he didn’t want to admit that he knew me all those years and he grew up with me and I have pictures to prove it. I literally have receipts.”

Angelina then revealed how both Vinny and her fiancé feel about all of this! “I think that [Vinny] gets so bent out of shape because he knows that I have a lot on him,” she told us, which is surprisingly the opposite of her fiancé’s reaction. “But I feel like my fiancé took it really well, especially considering he’s engaged to me, I would not be taking it so well.” However, Angelina did confess that she and her fiancé have “had some arguments about it at home,” which happened off-camera and “behind closed doors.”

But Chris isn’t hung up over Angelina and Vinny’s unique relationship. “We’ve gotten through it because we’re a strong couple. So I feel like if we can get through that we could probably get through anything,” Angelina revealed to HollywoodLife. Apparently, Chris and Vinny are even “cool” and “give each other a pound” when they see one another! “I think Vinny likes Chris a lot, and I think Chris likes Vinny lot,” Angelina mused. “So I don’t think that he’s really mad about anything.”

But Angelina and her fiancé have more problems to worry about than Vinny, which may need to be worked on in couple’s therapy. “Don’t get me wrong, behind closed doors is a lot of stuff me and [Chris] have to hash out before I walk down the aisle with him But we’re probably gonna have to do some kind of therapy,” Angelina told us, but also clarified that they’re not holding off the wedding after a long engagement (Chris proposed in Jan. 2018). The reality television star confessed, “I don’t know what we’re going to do, but there are somethings that are going on right now that I’m a little upset about.”

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