Angelina Pivarnick Details Marriage Issues with Chris, 'Nonexistent' Sex Life on Jersey Shore

"He was like, 'I'll go meet a nurse or school teacher and I'll be f—ing happy with my life.'"

Looks like this season of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” could be anything but a great time for Angelina Pivarnick.

The Season 5 premiere focused a lot on her marriage to Chris Larangeria, which has faced an uphill battle from the second they said “I do.” Following the wedding speech fiasco, Chris was allegedly caught at a hotel with another woman, while Angelina was accused of stepping out on him as well. At the time, the two agreed to go to therapy together as they hashed things out.

“The fights have between my husband and I have been getting worse,” Pivarnick revealed at the top of the new hour. “Chris just wants to sit stagnant, he doesn’t even really want to go to therapy. It just seems like Chris would sit there in limbo as long as he can. He’s not even trying to fix anything or mend anything. Something’s gotta give here, I can’t live like this.”

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She eventually got her hands on a marital settlement agreement from her lawyer, something standard in divorce proceedings.

“God forbid if our therapy doesn’t work, I want to be protected and he also has to be protected as well,” she said of drawing up the papers. “I have to make sure I cross my Ts and dot my Is for the future, because you never know what’s going to happen.”

Angelina then turned to an unlikely ally to help her with her troubles: Jenni “JWoww” Farley, with whom she had a massive falling out following the wedding speech mess not too long ago.

“That means you’re getting a divorce! You’re not getting a divorce, right?” asked JWoww after hearing about the MSA. “This, to me, is a divorce. What about him makes you stay? I need 5 good things about Chris that makes you want to stay with him.”

Pivarnick had a hard time coming up with five things, however, and instead revealed that when it comes to communication and sex, “those two things are non-existent.” As far as plusses go, she said he was good with animals, did laundry and doesn’t judge her … 75% of the time. “It’s just been a s— show,” she added.

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Though Angelina wasn’t sure what she wanted to do anymore going forward, Jenni felt the writing was on the wall. “I have a feeling I know what you want. I just don’t think you realize it yet,” she added.

Jenni then went with Angelina to her lawyer’s office, where Pivarnick once again explained that she didn’t know what the future held for her marriage.

“It’s very hard to think about what I’m gonna do. I’m at like the crossroads of my life. I don’t know which way to go,” she explained. “I just want to feel that love feeling, I don’t have that anymore. He doesn’t think he needs to change anything. He says it’s all me. I think I have faults, but I can admit them. He doesn’t admit any of them.”

She then detailed how she called him after she had a “nervous breakdown.”

“And instead of comforting me, he immediately made it about himself. He was like, ‘If you’re not happy, just f—ing take whatever is making you unhappy out of our life,'” she claimed. “He was like, ‘I’ll go meet a nurse or school teacher and I’ll be f—ing happy with my life.’ Can you imagine that? I’m like, ‘What the f— are you talking about? I’m in the car pulled over. I can’t drive my car. I’m explaining to you as your wife, I’m not having a good time. I need help. I’m having a panic attack.”

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In a confessional, she added that the relationship “being so bad” had “really taken a toll” on her as a person. Her lawyer then said the two needed to start making some changes and commit to them, or call it a day on their marriage.

“My heart goes back and forth. It’s really hard for me, considering I did take my vows, it’s hard for me to leave someone, let alone a marriage,” said Angelina. “Regret’s a big thing for me. I don’t want to say I regret a decision I made. This is a big decision for me, if I’m going to stay or leave my marriage. But a lot of shit’s gotta change.”

After the lawyer advised they set a timeline, Jenni suggested Angelina make a decision by their 1-year wedding anniversary. “I think I need to set a goal,” Pivarnick admitted, “If I don’t set a goal, it’s going to keep going.”

We’ll see how things shake out as new episodes of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” air Thursdays on MTV.

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