Are Love Islanders having Botox younger? Experts weigh in as cast share cosmetic secrets

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With the return of Love Island there has been a clear increase in searches for cosmetic procedures happening at the same time as the episodes air.

Searches for lip filler have increased, as have searches for Botox, boob jobs and liposuction, Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors revealed after analysing Google search trends.

The Love Island ladies have been very open about the cosmetic procedures they’ve had done.

Faye Winter confessed that she has lip fillers, breast implants and Botox, and Chloe Burrows admitted to a boob job.

As well as Chloe and Faye, Sharon Gaffka chimed in to say she’s had a boob job, Botox and lip filler.

Liberty Poole said she’d had her lips done and laughed when Jake said she’d had Botox, as she fired back: “I’m 21!” and Kaz Kamwi told her co-stars she hasn’t had any work done.

And people are asking the question of whether girls are getting botox too young, with Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors asking 1,212 people their thoughts, revealing 91 per cent of respondents either ‘agreed’ or ‘strongly agreed’ that people are increasingly undergoing cosmetic treatments when they are too young.

We reached out to the experts to see if people are getting botox and cosmetic procedures younger these days, and if so why? Here’s what they had to say…

Are girls getting Botox younger?

Dr Ioannis Liakas, who is the Medical Director at Vie Aesthetics, believes girls are getting cosmetic procedures such as botox younger.

“Having these treatments early on as a consequence of succumbing to peer pressure and the ‘Selfie Culture’ can be a problem for a number of reasons,” he explained to OK! Online.

He continued: “Although Botox is thought of as the treatment of choice for middle-aged men and women concerned about fine lines and wrinkles, there is a noticeable increase in the number of a younger population seeking out injectables.”

Dr Ioannis Liakas explained that there are advantages and disadvantages, explaining that it can be used to treat migraines, teeth-grinding and excessive sweating.

However, the expert explained that it’s very import to remember that Botox is a “medical prescription solution and should only be used in a medical setting.”

Dr Magdalena Bejma, founder of Dr Bejma Medical Clinic, also contributed to the conversation, revealing that she’s seen a “growing trend in people in their 20’s requesting preventative and/or beautification with Botox in recent years.”

Dr Magdalena explained that many of these people had followed Instagram and reality TV trends and, feeling pressured, opted to get Botox early.

She said: “The treatments I’ve noticed are most popular amongst younger patients are beautification procedures using Botox – such as brow lifts or jawline slimming & contouring. Both of which are hot trends stemming from social media.”

Botox expert Dr Magdalena told OK! that the medical aesthetic world is pretty divided the it comes to how young is too young to treat.

She said: “Two 25 year olds coming to see me with the same concerns will likely leave my clinic with completely different treatment plans or no treatment at all – patients should be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

“Having a consultation with your doctor pre-treatment is absolutely crucial. Ultimately, if my patient is in their 20s but already has static lines or hyperactive forehead muscles, yes I will treat them.”

Dr Kaywaan Khan, medical doctor and aesthetician at Hannah London, also agreed that girls are getting Botox younger.

“In short, yes!” Dr Kaywaan Khan said, when OK! asked her.

She continued: “For some people, starting early with Botulinum toxin can help relax the expression lines that in time will lead to deeper static wrinkles. As well as being preventative, the immediate result is smoother and more glossy skin in the areas treated.

“This is not to say that this treatment is suitable for everyone, and certainly many younger people may not be suitable candidates.

“Muscles work synergistically, and overuse or misuse of Botulinum toxin can lead to other muscles compensating and wrinkles appearing in places they would not otherwise.

“A thorough consultation with a doctor is required to assess the suitability of this medication for each and every person and how to tailor the application to each individual.”

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