Are these the most useless items ever?

The most useless items ever? From a banana holder to ‘diet water’, these are some less than grand designs!

  • US site Bored Panda listed some of the most useless items from around the world
  • A person in the US had purchased a ‘snowball maker’ to get perfect snowballs 
  • The world’s tiniest handrail seemed absolutely pointless on a stairway 
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From strange staircases to items such as banana holders and snowball makers it seems there’s a market for everything these days.

Bored Panda published a list of everyday items and constructions from around the world that are absolutely useless, including a handrail so small it doesn’t serve any purpose. 

A disabled ramp in the UK led around to a set of stairs, leaving us wondering which council gave permission for it to be built. 

A public toilet in the US appeared to have been built in the reverse, as the urinal was inside a cubicle and the toilet was out in the open. 

Here are FEMAIL’s top picks for the most useless items: 

S’now joke! This US-made invention makes sure your snowballs are perfect every time. Of course by the time you’ve finished crafting them you may have been pelted in the back several times by people who just used their hands

For the person who kills houseplants: This Pet Rock sold in UK and US stores, could be the perfect Christmas present

This invention, designed and used in China, is to hold your banana on the move. Did no one tell the inventor that bananas come with their own ‘case’?

This Chinese brand of water claims to be for those on a diet. We didn’t know that water could get more low calorie than it already is…

The world’s tiniest handrail, in the US. Perfect if you don’t need to go any further than the first step 

This US sign is pretty useless because it indicates something that is fairly obvious, but in case you were in any doubt – the sidewalk ends in 20 feet!

Reverse construction? This public toilet in the US seems to think men want to sit on the toilet in public but use the urinal in private?

Furry sad! This US invention means you will ‘never have to touch your pets again’ which begs the question why you would have a pet in the first place

This Chinese fire rescue box is just trolling people. Surely no design thought could have gone into this?

Which UK council approved this design? Someone in a wheelchair could get up but would have to reverse to get down again

A gate for decoration purposes. This gate, found in the UK – is the most useless gate to exist, as you can just walk around it 

These bus seats, seen in the Netherlands – were build in a way that prevents a passenger from actually sitting on them

The most useless watermelon ever? This watermelon grower, in the US must have been disappointed when their efforts proved to be rather… fruitless…

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