Astrologer shares significant jewellery styles for zodiac signs

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Everyone is associated with a different star sign based on when they were born, each of which has different meanings. Lucky numbers, colours and stand-out traits can vary between zodiacs, and your sign can also influence your taste in jewellery. Psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigan has revealed the significance of your choice in accessories and what it means.

Zodiac-inspired jewellery is one way to channel the meaning of your zodiac sign, and so is seeking out the deeper meaning of your astrology.

Inbaal said: “Zodiac sign refers to the constellations through which the sun passes through and is used to predict a person’s personality traits.

“The 12 different zodiac signs are spread out across the calendar year and if you’re born on a specific date of the month you will fall under the sign which relates to that time period.

“Zodiac signs are an astrological belief and although the traits signs aren’t scientifically guaranteed to show, they can often be pretty accurate.”

When it comes to jewellery, the celebrity astrologer noted that the type of star sign you were born under is the main influence.

She said: “Different star signs have different likes and dislikes, different lifestyles and therefore quite varied fashion preferences.

“Fire signs are active and sporty, so they favour accessories that reflect their expressive nature. Water signs are romantic and emotional and need their jewellery to have a deep significance.

“Air signs are trendsetters not followers and like to be ahead of the pack. Earth signs are practical and love a good investment, especially stones.”

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Born between March 21 and April 19, “independent and passionate” Aries are “always on the go”, so everything they own should fit with their fast-paced lifestyle.

When it comes to jewellery, Inbaal noted that fiery Aries people favour smaller designs that add sparkle without getting in the way. She said: “The colour red features heavily in their aesthetic”. Hatton Jewellers recommended yellow-gold ruby stud earrings.


Described as loyal and determined, Inbaal explained that those born under the sign of the bull love connecting with previous generations. They appreciate historical links and vintage designs.

She added: “Calm and loving, their personality is peaceful, and their fashion choices represent that peacefulness. As an earth sign, they also love stones.” Hatton Jewellers’ top pick jewellery for a Taurus would be a floral pattern locket.


Known as spontaneous and social, Gemini will pick pieces of jewellery with interesting geographical connotations. Hatton Jewellers’ top pick jewellery for a Gemini would be a picture frame pendant where a picture from their travels can be placed.


People born under the sign of the crab are all about family, so their favourite thing in the world is those around them, and their jewellery will express that, possibly with matching pieces for family members or with meaningful shapes that hold happy memories. Hatton Jewellers’ top pick for Cancer would be a heart-shaped locket to match with their family members.


According to Inbaal, those under the sign of the lion are proud and regal. From their bright smiles to their bright home interiors, their jewellery tastes will also feature high-octane shine and heavier pieces. Hatton Jewellers’ top pick for Leo will be this solid gold heavy keeper ring.


The astrologer said: “Those born under the sign of the virgin are subtle and traditional. As Earth signs, they’re partial to a stone or two, and as a practical sign, they wouldn’t want a single piece to grab all the attention.” Hatton Jewellers’ top pick for Virgo is matching diamond earrings and a drop pendant.

  • Libra – Inbaal recommended pale colours, classical shapes and lots of ice, like a diamond teardrop pendant
  • Scorpio – gothic styling with dark colours and hints of lace, like a simple cross pendant
  • Sagittarius – unusual colours in specialist shapes, like an opal and diamond cocktail ring
  • Capricorn – favours quality over quantity with a classical aesthetic, like a white gold diamond necklace
  • Aquarius – a quirky jewel that makes a statement is a “favourite”, like a tanzanite and diamond ring
  • Pisces – like anything that remind them of a loved one, like simple heart-shaped studs

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