Bloke shares wholesome Christmas card – but some say it looks like sex toy

A bloke has given Brits a giggle this week after sharing a snap of the Christmas card he sent his friend.

Posting on Reddit, he explained that he was at a different point in life than his pal but still wanted to put in the effort for the holidays.

He uploaded a snap of the card he had been sent from his mate – featuring a foot print from their child decorated like a Christmas tree with stars and baubles.

But, below the card was another – he had copied the child’s design and planted his much larger foot on a card.

He decorated it in a similar way with stars, baubles and a “Merry Christmas” greeting.

In the caption, the bloke said: “My friends sent me a Christmas card with their kid's foot on it.

“I don't have a kid, so this is what they're getting back…”

The cheeky response had fellow social media users howling and it quickly went viral with more than 11,500 likes.

Over 350 people commented underneath the wholesome snap – with some pointing out that his card looked x-rated.

One person said: “Why is your foot ribbed for my pleasure?”

To which someone replied: “Yup, that right there is not a foot print.”

“Your foot looks like a sex toy,” stated another while a third said: “Dude you have high arches.”

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Others were confused by the design choice, with one person saying: “Swear to god, I thought it was supposed to be some kind of f**king Christmas dinosaur. What is wrong with me?”

But, other people loved the cheeky idea.

A fan added: “I love the chaotic energy in this,” while another wrote: “Love this. A+ recreation.”

Another laughed: “Make it a tradition and send it to them first every year, to show dominance!”

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