Breastfeeding mum shows life hack using avocado to fix uneven boobs

A breastfeeding mum has shared a "life hack" she used to balance her uneven boobs under a tank top.

Mum-of-two Bobbi Althoff, who is now six weeks postpartum, realised the change in her body when she started breastfeeding her baby daughter.

She said one obvious change was her bottom and joked that it was getting "pancakified" – noting that her butt was getting flatter after giving birth.

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And the second thing is the uneven breast size as she lets go of her hands and shows her left breast being visibly bigger than her right one.

Rather than pumping the milk out and storing it in the fridge, Bobbi comes up with an idea as a short-term solution.

The "mumfluencer" says: "Gettin' ready to run a few errands today but I refuse to let my inconsistency hold me back from wearing tight tank tops.

"So today what I'm going to be doing is taking an avocado and sticking it inside, making them [the breasts] look even."

The 25-year-old slides the fruit from the bottom and places it below her right breast.

"Alright, I think that does the trick," she adds. "I just hope that when I'm walking, the avocado doesn't fall out.

"Because then I'd have to make guac and that would be embarrassing."

Her video went viral as some mum-to-be's voiced their concerns to her.

"I'm 17 weeks pregnant and not ready for this," one wrote and a second said: "I am currently in the same boat! My right side is an over achiever and my left side is slacking."

Some took her "hack" seriously and asked if other fruits work.

Bobbi replies: "Olives work but I use pear in real life."

But on a serious note, she said switching sides when nursing should solve the problem of uneven boobs, adding: "I never do so this is the result."


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