Brides first dance with groom ends in disaster as shes rushed to hospital

A bride had possibly the worst first dance in history after accidentally breaking her leg and being rushed to hospital.

Newlyweds Julie Benn and Paul Richter, from Philadelphia, US, had their weddings re-scheduled because of the coronavirus pandemic but finally tied the knot on July 3.

The happy couple exchanged their vows in front of their guests and carried on to the reception for their first dance.

But the sweet moment took an unexpected turn as soon as they started dancing.

Footage shared by Paul's sister, Liz, shows Julie and Paul dancing along to upbeat music on the dance floor.

He holds her hands and lets her twirl, then pulls her back to give her a kiss.

But when Paul dips Julie, she accidentally dislocates her knees and is seen calling for assistance.

She leans on her partner while limping off the dance floor in pain.

Their first dance was quickly cut short as Julie was rushed to a hospital, where doctors had to reset her knee.

Julie later told People: "[They're] holding my knee in place, supporting it, and it was blinding, searing pain.

"I have a lot of respect for athletes who play through their injuries. I never dislocated a knee.

"I broke a bone when I was a kid, but nothing else. So it was shocking, disbelief."

Liz then shared a picture of Julie sitting on a wheelchair while still wearing her wedding gown.

The couple insisted their guests remain at the reception and when they returned, they received a warm welcome.

Paul recalled: "I felt like a professional athlete for a second. I got out of the car and there are people taking pictures.

"I'm like, 'This is how they feel. I get it now.'"

This came after a groom was left cringing in horror when the wedding photographer called his bride by his ex-girlfriend's name by accident.

He tried to hide his feelings behind a grin but his bride was left fuming, especially when the photographer did it twice.

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