‘Britain’s messiest car’ crashed because driver couldn’t find handbrake

Britain's 'messiest car' was involved in crash after the diver couldn't find the handbrake due to the mountain of rubbish inside.

The incident happened when the cluttered Volkswagen and began rolling backwards downhill before smashing into another car, police say.

The panicked driver had attempted to pull the handbrake but was hampered by litter that was strewn across the front seats and footwell.

Hampshire Police's road team published a picture of the car to Twitter in the aftermath of the incident, Gloucestershire Live reported .

They wrote: " Boris Johnson ’s car is a dream compared to this one! Driver couldn’t get the hand brake on and rolled back into a parked vehicle. I wonder why?"

The image shows how the old banger's seats were in a barely visible state as Tesco carriers overspilling with food and drink wrappers and dozens of old newspaper clippings masked the interior.

The driver's pedals were also surrounded by lottery tickets, old paper forms and even a plug adapter.

But turn to the passenger seats and garden flowers, giant buckets, large plastic containers and, in the back, even a barbecue griddle can be seen.

Hampshire Police wouldn't reveal the details of the incident or whether or not the driver will face any criminal prosecution.

Social media users expressed their shock at the state of the car.

One said: "Surely he can't be driving round like that? It must stink like a rubbish dump in this hot weather !!"

Another said: "That is actually the most messy car I have ever seen in my life."

Thankfully no one was harmed in the incident.

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