Brits argue whether evening meal is called tea or dinner in fiery debate

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Brits left arguing over whether an evening meal is called 'tea' or 'dinner'.

The food debate started up over on The Range's Instagram page.

This came after the brand posted a picture of a cup of tea, captioned "This is tea," next to a snap of pie and chips which was caption "This is dinner."

Addressing its 1.1million followers, The Range wrote: "Let's settle the debate… Who agrees?"

It seemed some did, as the post racked up thousands of likes.

One agreed: "Yes! Breakfast, lunch and dinner."

While another added: "Correct!"

However, many were in disagreement as they fumed over the photo.

One asked: "So why are dinner ladies called dinner ladies at school?"

While another added: "If it’s tea time they’re both tea."

A third exclaimed: "You’re obviously not northern! This is so wrong!"

While a fourth chimed in: "That's a brew…and that's ya tea."

A fifth was determined to have the final say as they added: "It's breakfast, dinner, tea. Cuppa. End of."

What do you call it? Let us know in the comments section…

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Meanwhile, talking of a cup of tea, a new study suggests you've been making it wrong.

A research suggests we should be adding milk into our tea cup before we pour over hot water from the kettle.

Despite this, most Brits do it the other way around.

Researchers collaborated with INTU to look into how to get the best brew in hard water areas.

And apparently, you should pour milk onto your tea bag before going in with the kettle in these instances, as the high mineral content of the water is believed to affect how flavour compounds form, adding a splash of milk first can make all the difference.

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