Brits rave about child-like dinner that has been branded British tapas

After a long day at work all you want to do is put your feet up and relax.

However, one thing usually stands in the way of that.

Deciding what to have for dinner.

With not wanting to slave away over a stove for an hour or so, some people may opt for a takeaway or a Pot Noodle.

Still wanting to make use out of their oven, one Reddit user has whacked up a very British dinner.

With many people branding it as “British Tapas.”

Although presented with a selection of frozen favourites, the ‘tapas’ is a far cry from the paella and patatas bravas usually served in Spanish restaurants.

Attached to the post, the original poster included a snap of his “tapas” like dinner.

Included in the tea-time grub are two turkey drumsticks and a couple of potato waffles, nestled on a bed of baked beans.

Not forgetting a splodge of tomato ketchup mixed in with the bean sauce.

The hungry Brit titled the post: “When it's been a long/sh***y day at work. Nothing relaxes me more than a kid's dinner and an early night.”

Not alone for their need for a quick British style dinner, many people took to the comments to share their love for the tapas style munch.

One person commented: “My mates kids call that 'Daddys Yellow Tea'.”

Another added: “Beige Freezer Dinner!”

While a third person noted:“We call it Freezer Tapas when we just throw it all in an oven tray then pick at it.”

Someone else said: “British tapas, or beige food in our house. I didn't realise the names were so common.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user admitted: “Some days a beige dinner just hits the spot.”

Let us know in the comments what you think of the "British tapas" dinner!

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