Capricorn October horoscope 2021: Whats in store for Capricorn this month?

Horoscopes: Expert offers advice to This Morning callers

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Capricorn is the stable, sensible father figure of the zodiac, and this month this sign is really stepping into their power at work and in their relationships. chatted to astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer, and founder of the Moon Child Sorority, Bex Milford (@cosmic_cures on Instagram) to find out the Capricorn October horoscope for 2021.

Making strides in your career is the focus of Libra Season for you, Capricorn.

Bex said: “This month, you’ll be greeted with opportunities to boss it in the workplace.

“If you can put yourself forward and be noticed then go for it!”

You’re a natural leader Capricorn, and who wouldn’t want your advice and guidance?

Bex said: “People will want to follow your lead this month, and your style is likely to be firm but fair.

“Don’t be afraid to create some boundaries and delegate tasks, so that you can gain recognition in the areas that you shine.

“However, don’t be tempted to want to keep everyone on your side in the workplace.

“Remember – sometimes tough decisions must be made, and you might have to be the one to do so.”

With Mercury in Retrograde until October 18, you need to be extra careful when sending sensitive emails, backing up your work, and confirming meetings, or you could find yourself in a pickle!

However, Bex said: “Generally though, you should be looking for chances to advance in your job or tick off some of those ambitions, especially around October 6.

“On October 6, Pluto stations direct and you have a desire to assert your personal power.

“You’re feeling strong, capable, and ready to step into a new version of yourself – make the most of this!”

Your love life might seem a bit on the quiet side this season, or you could just find yourself retreating a little bit to assess what it is you really want from a relationship.

The astrologer noted: “You might find yourself considering issues from the past and running them over in your head, or something that was veiled in a relationship – either current or past – can finally make itself known.

“Your intuition when it comes to the motivation of other people in love is higher than ever, so trust your gut when it comes to relationships.”

The Full Moon in Aries on October 20 may signal a change in your home life.

Bex suggested: “A renovation might be completed or you might find yourself spending time creating a secure and cosy space now the seasons are changing.

“Spending time with family so you feel safe and loved is a wonderful way to end the month, and this will carry you into November with quiet inner-confidence.”

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