Carissa Culiner Says She's "So Excited" to Be Back on Daily Pop After Maternity Leave

Welcome back, Carissa Culiner!

On Tuesday, Aug. 18's episode of Daily Pop, Justin Sylvester and Morgan Stewart welcomed back their co-host from maternity leave. And, from what the E! personality expressed in the highlight above, she couldn't be happier to be back at work!

"I am here, I am so excited," Carissa expressed to her co-hosts. "I have missed you guys."

Justin and Morgan expressed a similar sentiment as they made sure to cheers to Carissa's return.

"Oh my god, we missed you too," Justin shared. "We missed you too, that's why we bought champagne to celebrate. Well, at least I did."

Of course, pregnant Morgan toasted with water and relayed that they've been "ready" for Carissa's return. With this being Carissa's first day back, Justin checked in to see how she's doing.

"I feel great, you guys," Carissa said. "I have loved every second of maternity leave. I have truly enjoyed every single minute of it, but I am so happy to be back."

Not only did Carissa iterate that she missed Morgan and Justin, but she also remarked on all the stuff that's gone on amid her maternity leave.

"A lot of crap has happened while I've been gone," she quipped.

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While the co-hosts agreed that "a lot" has happened, Morgan teased that Carissa has missed out on some "tech issues."

She further joked, "So, we're very happy that you're now getting to experience your own eventually."


As E! readers may recall, Carissa left for maternity leave toward the end of her second pregnancy. Carissa and husband Shanon Culiner welcomed their second child, a daughter, on Tuesday, April 28 at 11:01 a.m. in Los Angeles.

They named their little one Zoey Grace Culiner. The TV personality and her husband are also parents to their son Chase, who they welcomed back in November 2017.

For Carissa's return to Daily Pop, watch the highlight above!

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