Cleaning expert insists bras need washing EVERY DAY

Cleaning expert insists bras need washing EVERY DAY while people using public transport should launder their jeans after just one wear

  • Cleaning expert Lynsey Queen of Clean appeared on This Morning today
  • She insisted that women should wash their bras every day using a laundry bag
  • Added it was better to wash your jeans after sitting on the Tube to avoid germs
  • Warned against putting undies in same wash as tea towels for hygiene reasons

Bras are among the few clothing items that many people would consider it acceptable to wear more than once before throwing them in the machine. 

But according to one cleaning expert, we should be washing these undergarements every day if we’re wearing them regularly. 

Appearing on This Morning today, Lynsey Crombie, known as Lynsey Queen of Clean, informed hosts Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes that a daily wash for bras is absolutely necessary. 

The mum-of-three, 40, from Peterborough, also advised people using public transport in cities like London to wash their jeans after sitting on dirty Tube seats in order to avoid spreading germs in their homes.

The cleaning expert explained why some items are better washed more frequently than others, and offered several tips for ensuring your garments smell their best.

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Lynsey Clean of Queens advises viewers to wash their bras every day in order to get rid of sweat and dirt 

The cleaning guru also said that commuters should wash their jeans after their journeys on the Tube


Lynsey was adamant that bras that are worn every day should be washed daily, too. 

But she added that for bras that were only worn once in a while, for example, on a night out under a dress, ‘you could probably get away with every couple of days’.

‘The key when you’re washing your bras is to actually do the clasps up so they don’t get tangled in the rest of your washing,’ she added. 

Lynsey said it’s also very handy to pop them in a laundry bag and to think about washing underwear in a 60 degree cycle, especially for your knickers.

‘Don’t wash your pants with your tea towels because the particles from your underwear are going to jump onto your tea towels,’ she warned. 

When it comes to washing your underwear, Lynsey warned against washing it with your tea towels to avoid contamination


While most people tend to think jeans are one of those items that can sustain a few wears before heading to the laundry bin, Lynsey warned that particular environments make a good wash necessary. 

Londoners, for instance, should wash their jeans after sitting on dirty Tube seats, Lynsey added.

‘Normally the Tube’s disgusting. I don’t want that bum sitting on my sofa,’ she said.

‘But if you’re only wearing them at home, don’t be so obsessive about washing them.’

Steaming your clothes is a good way to freshen them up when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands 


Lynsey advised: ‘Drop them in ice-cold water before washing with a splash of white wine vinegar, because the white wine vinegar is going to de-odorise them.

‘It’s going to break down those sweats and those smells and it’s going to keep them fresh.

‘You wash them after half an hour of soaking, but the vinegar will break down the smells and vinegar does disperse after time.’

Lynsey said that pre-soaking your sportswear in ice-cold water and white vinegar would help get rid of insistent smells 

She also warned against putting fabric conditioner in with sportswear, as it will ‘wear away the micro fibers’.  


The cleaning expert said that pyjamas didn’t need to be washed too often if they were put on right before bed and if the sheets were cleaned once a week. 

‘If you do your sheets once a week, if you’re clean as you get into bed, your pyjamas should remain quite clean,’ she said. 

In order to see when it was time to clean your PJs, Lynsey just recommended giving them a ‘quick sniff test’. 


Lynsey revealed: ‘One really good thing to use if you’re short on time or if you don’t have a big family with big loads is to grab some good old fashioned starch. 

The cleaning expert added that using ‘good old fashioned’ starch could also help keep clothes cleaner for longer 

‘You just spray it on and it will create a barrier. So if you do spill a coffee cup when you’re out and about, that stain is going to struggle to get through to the fabric.’

She added starch could also be used to ‘refresh’ some items when in a rush.  


The cleaning expert said steaming clothes instead of giving them a full wash is sometimes a good option for items such as suit jackets ‘that are dry clean only’.

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