ColourPop’s ‘Frozen II’ makeup collection is perfect gift for Frozen fans

The collection features gleaming eyeshadow palettes, high-shine lip glosses, and shimmering glitter gels inspired by Anna and Elsa from the film.

You can purchase the items solo or as the Elsa Collection kit and Anna Collection kit — which both include a pretty collectible box to store your products.

There’s also a Frozen II Collection set that includes all the products from launch, which’ll make an ideal gift for “Frozen” fans who want to pull some makeup inspiration from the fearless sisters. Plus, the items range from $8 to $76, so you won’t have to worry about blowing your whole budget on the “Frozen” lover in your life.

The countdown continues until the “Frozen II” release on November 22. But with this new makeup collection and the original “Frozen” now available on Disney+, fans have a few more things to keep them occupied as they patiently await the movie’s opening night.

Frozen II Collection Set


Elsa Collection Kit


Anna Collection Kit


Elsa Shadow Palette


Anna Shadow Palette


The Dark Sea Glitter Gel



Waterfall Glitter Gel


Mythic Journey Ultra Glossy Lip


Free Spirit Ultra Glossy Lip


Little Snow Creme Luck Lipstick


Going North Creme Lux Lipstick

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