Couple turn home into Halloween ship but some fear theyre inviting devil

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A couple in Utah have wowed their neighbours with their impressive Halloween decorations – and the property makeover didn't cost them much at all.

Posting to TikTok, a woman who goes by vivimccoy shared a video of the impressive display, which has a life-sized pirate ship coming out of the home surrounded by skeletons, coffins, crosses and a pentagram.

She wrote: “When your neighbour is just too cool.”

The clip has since gone viral, garnering 2.7million likes and thousands of comments.

It has also caught the attention of the home owner, a makeup artist and self-described Halloween enthusiast who goes by makeupandmystics online.

She has used her own TikTok account to show some behind the scenes footage of her husband building the ship.

She also took the time to answer people’s questions.

The makeup artist said one of main thing people have assumed is that they spent a lot of money on the project due to all of the lumber they used.

“No we didn’t spend a lot of money. My husband repurposes wood that would have gone into landfill that was trash, garbage, people were throwing it out,” she explained.

“In fact for one of our very first Halloweens he found meat cages that were left in a field and he drug it up out of the field and we used it for our Halloween decoration.

“We don’t spend a lot of money, a lot of the stuff we find and repurpose.”

Their Halloween decorations are no doubt impressive, but people have been left divided.

“Their inviting HELL into their home,” one person wrote, referencing the pentagram visible on the building.

“It’s kinda weird how nobody says anything about the pentagram. May Jesus protect us,” said another.

A third person commented: “A pentagram isn’t some ‘spooky décor’. You either have to be VERY ignorant to put that up or it’s an intentional slight to Christians.”

Despite these comments, there were others that were impressed by the hard work that went into the display, with many eager to see more.

“Wow I’d love to trick or treat here,” one person commented.

“Literally what I strive to be,” said another.

“Oh man that is absolutely amazing I love it so much. I know where I would spend my night,” someone else wrote.

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