Daily horoscope for December 22: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Tuesday’s horoscope is heavily influenced by a looming Moon in rampant star sign Aries. Astrologers agree there is not a moment to lose because of the sheer lunacy of this lunar position.

The Aries Moon is known for its attraction for living a little dangerously.

You had best brace yourself as a result, because Earth’s upstart orb will be doing little to calm rowdy spirits as the week gets into gear.

Red planet Mars and the Moon in Aries have a reputation for raising hell when paired together.

Expect tempers to flare, blood to boil and irrationality to rule this Tuesday.

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And while this may be most welcome at the weekend, it is not even Wednesday yet.

Mars is on course to create a Square with distant planet Pluto in Capricorn.

A Square is an aspect thought by some to reveal what is really going in your life by way of the planets involved.

What this consequently means for your horoscope is not all will be that pleasant, to be brutally honest.

This is not the first time those two have danced this year, if you cast your mind back to mid-August, when a similar flare-up occurred.

Things have since then been simmering away under the surface.

But astrology experts suspect that pot could well boil over today.

So the best bet for those of us who wish to avoid getting caught-up in the crazed crossfires should keep a low profile.

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This may most likely manifest itself in feeling your hand is forced, or fearing you have been pushed too far.

There are some lines that will not be crossed, so prepare yourself for events capable of bringing out your dark side.

The Aries Moon is both hot-blooded and prepared for making mischief, so take care out there.

Fortunately, rogue asteroid Chiron is anticipated to soon form a Conjunction with the Moon.

And such a cosmic combination is known for providing some sage advice.

This should hopefully cause people to pause and realise the situation is far more complex than first thought.

This will then be compounded with the arrival of a Trine with Venus, to help further take the edge off.

The day ends with that most romantic of planets, Venus in star sign Sagittarius.

Such an astrological appointment with the Moon should go some way towards smoothing things over.

The best suggestion is to build the love, strengthen friendship and rest while you have the chance.

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