Daily horoscope for February 25: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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The horoscope for today is all about the Moon, which moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn at around 4.30pm. The Moon rules over our emotions, feelings, and needs, so you may have a change of heart around this time. Express.co.uk reveals your star sign reading, astrology, and zodiac forecast for February 25.

The Moon is in optimistic and upbeat Sagittarius for the first part of the day.

We are motivated by a need to seek the truth and pursue a new vision with the Sun in this sign, Cafe Astrology says.

The mystics at the site say: “We are not interested in details just now. Instead, we focus on the big picture.

“New experiences and adventures satisfy a deep emotional need. Spontaneity is the key.

“We may also be inclined toward overdoing and overstating. We don’t want to plan ahead, and prefer to wing it.”

When the Moon is in Sagittarius, you might feel yourself drawn to the following things:

  • Adventurous activities that involve “winging it”
  • Travel
  • Higher education
  • Starting publishing projects
  • Advertising
  • Sports
  • Physical activity

The Moon continues its transit of bold, spirited Sagittarius until 4.28pm, when it enters Capricorn and the whole tone changes.

The Capricorn Moon is responsible, astute, and security-oriented, and since Capricorn is a cardinal sign, it’s also action-oriented.

The Cafe Astrology horoscope says: “This Moon grounds us on the one hand and stimulates our ambitions on the other.”

The Moon will stay in Capricorn until Monday, so we’ve got a weekend of Capricorn themes.

With the Moon in this sensible sign, we become aware of the need for structure and planning ahead.

Cafe Astrology says: “We also instinctively are aware of the limitations of time. We are motivated by a desire for success.

“Achievement and manifestation are most important to us now.

“We are resourceful and don’t want to waste time, energy, or resources.

“This can be a very sober influence–even a depressing one. However, it can also be a productive time when we look reality in the eye.”

You’ll enjoy taking the following activities on with the Moon in Capricorn:

  • Long-term activities that yield slow but steady results
  • Practical undertakings
  • Career issues
  • Making a business plan
  • Practical investments

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