DEAL OF THE DAY: Salters Three Tier Steamer is on sale for under £26

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As living costs are rising, it’s becoming clear that using standard household appliances use a lot of energy, and replacing these can help save on bills, while also providing quick and easier cooking methods.

Three Tier Steamer £39.99 £25.99 View Deal

The Salter three tier steamer is ideal for cooking healthy, quick meals for the family.

Salter has been selling high-quality scales, kitchen accessories and appliances since 1760, and is competing with much more expensive brands.

The steamer measures 20L x 23W x 41hcm with a stainless steel and black finish, and is easy to store, plus steamers are one of the healthiest cooking methods, with no oil needed and simply water required.

It has a large water reservoir and a 60 minute timer to aid cooking plus the included rice bowl is ideal for steaming rice perfectly.

The device can also be used to cook meat and vegetables, and the three removable tiers enable an entire meal to be cooked, with different components.

With the price of steamers varying, Salter’s is one of the more affordable options available, and while it’s on sale, it’s the perfect time to try one out.

Reviews have been racking up for the steamer on its Amazon page, with some saying it’s ‘excellent’ and ‘easy to use’.

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