Distraught woman who claims seagull snatched chihuahua denies making story up

A woman who lost her small dog to the beak of a seagull has denied claims she made the story up.

Gizmo, the four-year-old miniature pooch, was carried off in the bird's mouth while owner Becca Hill was hanging up the washing in Paignton, Devon.

The little dog has not been since the bird flew him, "by the scruff of his neck", skywards at 1pm on Sunday, Devon Live reported.

While the 24-year-old owner tried to come to terms with the loss, ruthless internet users have gleefully found humour in the miniature-mutt's airborne dissapearrance.

As well as one person claiming to have cooked the dog, one troll suggested the bird was made up to cover for Becca's boyfriend Ashley Rawlings.

They wrote: "This is the real story. Partner was fed up with the so called dog, so got rid of it then blamed it on seagulls.

"Easy way to get rid and tell partner 'oh dear seagulls have taken the dog.'"

Becca rejected their cruel jibes and backed her partner's story.

"People have been saying I made it all up but my boyfriend saw it all," she said.

"I’m just hoping he’s been dropped somewhere and can’t get out or he’s on a roof and can’t get down.

“But until I know exactly what’s happened I won’t be able to rest – he’s my baby and I really miss him and want him back home."

"I’m in bits.”

Some eagle eyed bird watchers speculated whether the bird could be a 'black backed' gull – a typically bigger breed.

Tony Whitehead, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds spokeperson, claimed the bird was a 'herring gull' before speculating on its motives.

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