DJ Spinderella & DJ Kiss Share How They Embrace Purpose While Remaining True To Themselves

In a conversation between Christina Granville, Gia Peppers, DJ Spinderella and DJ Kiss, the four ladies in media and entertainment redefined what it means to own and rock our truths – inside and outside of our careers. As part of this year’s ESSENCE Festival of Culture, the V103 morning show host facilitated a conversation with the panelists about what it takes to be fearless in life, entertainment and business, while being true to ourselves. These ladies are truly living their passion and living their purpose.

When asked by Granville about some of her larger obstacles in her career, Kiss noted that those moments that she once identified as obstacles were instead opportunities. In turn, people doubting her and questioning her brand served as fuel to the fire that was her career as a DJ. “That worked in my favor because when I came and tore it down, the expectation was so low,” Kiss told the panel. “When I met that expectation and rose above it, it was even more impactful.” That’s how you turn the tables around!

The Grammy award-winning Salt-N-Pepa alumna was given her flowers by Granville, and not long before she was asked about her pushed her to follow her dreams before the fame hit. “From the womb, music was in my atmosphere. Becoming a DJ was natural in that sense because I love music,” Spinderella said. Though she was still in high school when she auditioned for the girl group, she was attracted to the work ethic and drive that the members had. She continued to mention that Salt-N-Pepa were like mentors to the DJ during her younger years in the industry.

When it boils down to the importance of inspiration and staying true to oneself, Peppers, who is also the host of “More Than That With Gia Peppers,” noted the significance of fear – or the lack thereof. “We act like fear is this overwhelming scary thing that is real and most of the time, it really isn’t real,” the Black Girl Podcast podcaster explained. “I would even say embrace the fear allow it to be the motivator of why you do it. Do it anyway.”

For the full panel discussion, watch the video above.

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