Donda Tech: Kanye West Files A Donda Trademark Which Embraces A Number Of Tech Products

Kanye West has always had grand visions when it comes to any project he gets involved in. He’s notorious for always doing things on a large scale, and he ensures that everything he launches or in any way involves himself in is top-notch and perfectly poised to succeed. This has rung true when it comes to his musical endeavors, as well as his Yeezy brand, and that’s just to name the top two. Kanye has proven to be a true entrepreneur, and it comes as no surprise that he has recently announced his big plans to take Donda to the tech world. Riding the wave of success after his album by the same name soared to the very top of the charts, Donda is now positioned to overtake a variety of technological products that fans will surely get excited about. NME reports that there has been a trademark filed, and West is well on his way to launching a whole new product line to add to his already astounding wealth and success.

Kanye’s Tech Dreams

Kanye West has always been open about wanting to venture into the world of technological advancements. It seems he is now ready to see his ambitions through by developing an entire product line of electronic equipment that will be released under the Donda brand.

Fans of West are likely aware of the deep meaning behind the Donda title. It was the first name of Kanye West’s mother, who sadly passed away in 2007. Kanye was especially close with his mom, and her death truly devastated him. He has since gone on to release his latest album with her name and is now looking to develop an entire line of tech products that are trademarked as ‘Donda’ merchandise.

The emotional connection to this brand suggests that Kanye West will be throwing his energy into making sure it succeeds.

To date, everything the has attached to the ‘Donda’ name has already launched to huge levels of success. The Donda album, as well as not one, not two, but three massive, sold-out Donda Listening parties, have all proven that fans are connected to this branding and want to be part of this deeply meaningful label.

Kanye West could easily throw in the towel and enjoy the fruits of his labor, but instead, he continues to set his sights higher on the ‘next big thing,’ and he may really be on to something with this new concept.

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Details Of The Trademark

According to The Rolling Stone, “West’s Mascotte Holdings company filed the trademark application on September 21st, per the United States Patent and Trademark Office.” This means Kanye West has already thought this through and has likely already completed a business plan and sourced a variety of team players that will help him take his vision to the next level – production.

While no official product item details have been revealed, there have been some discussions surrounding what fans can expect in the very near future. If his past business ventures are of any indication, all signs point to this being a wildly successful addition to Kanye West’s ever-growing empire. The electronics featured as part of the Donda brand are going to add another very lucrative income stream to Kanye West’s already enormous $1.8 billion net worth.

The nature of the trademark suggests a very broad-based application, which indicates that a wide array of products are likely to be launched under the Donda name.

Sources have uncovered Kanye’s intentions to include tablet computers, smartwatches, earphones, and surround sound systems, among other items. Donda smart glasses and protective casing for tablets and personal devices are expected to be on short-order as well.

The Rolling Stone went on to say, “Among the more ‘futuristic’ offerings listed are smart bracelets, smart rings and smart necklaces, though there are also some comparatively analogue offerings like the aforementioned magnets, plus mouse pads and compact disc cases.”

Branching Out

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There seems to be no stopping Kanye West, and his ambition to enter his genius creativity into the world of technology is a welcome treat to millions of fans across the globe.

With a massive following behind him and millions of worldwide fans that are easily reached with a simple tweet or post, there seems to be nothing stopping Kanye from launching this new division of his brand with the utmost success.

West has always been revolutionary when it comes to his creative spirit. He truly immerses himself in every aspect of the projects he takes on and doesn’t quit until he not only meets but far exceeds the expectations of his fans.

He’s a true perfectionist, and he has demonstrated his obsession with perfection at every turn. Recently, when he was working on the final touches of his Donda album, Kanye West threw a very elaborate Donda Listening Party at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta. He was reportedly so thrilled with the energy created by the fans that packed the arena to be part of this exclusive event that he actually wound up moving into the stadium to ‘surround himself with the incredible vibe,’ while completing the album.

With this level of artistic connection, his extreme devotion to perfection, and his enormous financial backing, there seems to be no limit to the success that Donda will see in the world of technology.

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Sources: NME, Instagram, The Rolling Stone

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