ESSENCE Sexiest Men Of The Year 2021

The year 2021 brought us a jar of eye candy we couldn’t get enough of. From OG sexpots to new-school charmers there was more than enough fineness to go around. 

ESSENCE Girls United Editor D’Shonda Brown walked us through all of the steamiest men who have been taking up real estate on all screens all year long. She introduced accented humble hotties, handsome heroes, ageless icons and a seriously sexy father-son duo. 

A few of her picks even popped up themselves to send a special message to our readers. 

Da’Vinchi, the Haitian-American heartthrob who came to fame as Cash Mooney on Grown-ish and has since become eye candy for women of all ages as Terry “Southwest T” Flenory on BMF, shared his thoughts on the honor. 

(Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images)

“This is a hell of a title to carry,” said the actor and rapper. “Thank you ESSENCE. I appreciate it. It’s love and I’m gon’ try my best to hold this crown.” 

Representing the Grown and Sexy contingent was legendary lip-licker LL Cool J and our forever unproblematic fave, Method Man. The latter took a break from working on his glorious arms to say a little something to the ESSENCE family. “Thank you guys for naming me one of ESSENCE’s Sexiest Man of the Year. It’s a great honor. Holla at me!” 

Jim Spellman/Getty Images

Omarion gave a glimpse at those frozen abs before the “Icebox” singer showed up to acknowledge our supreme thirst over his unbothered aura. “Being sexy to me is not just about the physical to me. It’s about the inner glow,” he said after giving shots of his unnaturally perfect profile to the camera.

“Being responsible is sexy, taking care of your hygiene is sexy,” added the dad of two. “I’m gon continue on being a sexy motherf***er!” 

We know that’s right. 

The full lineup of fine zaddys is in the video. 

Check out the clip where D’Shonda Brown catches the holy spirit over all things Black and sexy.

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