Every Tom Brady Super Bowl Performance: Did He Win and Was He MVP?


After spending nearly his entire career on the New England Patriots, this will be Brady’s first trip to the Super Bowl as the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He’ll take on Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs on Feb. 7. 

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2019: Super Bowl LIII

Winner: New England Patriots (vs. Los Angeles Rams)

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2018: Super Bowl LII

Winner: Philadelphia Eagles

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2017: Super Bowl LI

Winner: New England Patriots (vs. Atlanta Falcons)
MVP? Yes

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2015: Super Bowl XLIX

Winner: New England Patriots (vs. Seattle Seahawks)
MVP? Yes

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2012: Super Bowl XLVI

Winner: New York Giants

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2008: Super Bowl XLII

Winner: New York Giants

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2005: Super Bowl XXXIX

Winner: New England Patriots (vs. Philadelphia Eagles)

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2004: Super Bowl XXXVIII

Winner: New England Patriots (vs. Carolina Panthers)
MVP? Yes

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2002: Super Bowl XXXVI

Winner: New England Patriots (vs. St. Louis Rams)
MVP? Yes

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