Ex-teacher on OnlyFans pregnant with old students child after one night stand

OnlyFans model Amy Kupps has revealed that she's pregnant after a passionate one night stand with a former student.

The adult social media star, who is known for her sexy content on Instagram and OnlyFans, said she shared a 'wild drunken night' with a young man she met on a night out, finding out the next morning that he was an old student of hers.

She said: "I was chuffed going home with a younger man but the next morning he asked 'do you remember me Miss Kupps?' That's when he told me he was a former student of mine and even pulled out his yearbook to prove it."

Kupps clarified that she didn't know he was a former student and that she "wouldn't have gone home with him" if she knew. She added: "I was his teacher in 2016 when he was 16, he's now 22-years-old."

Who is Amy Kupps?

Amy Kupps, 33 , who used to teach history to 13-14-year olds was forced out of her job after her OnlyFans side hustle was discovered.

Though she had to resign from her teaching post, the North Carolina native is now making over £20,000 a month as an OnlyFans model.

Kupps who already has two children – eight-year-old boy and 10-year-old girl – is now pregnant with her third child. A few weeks after her one night stand with her former student, she found out she was pregnant with his child.

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She said: "I'm a devout Catholic so abortion isn't an option for me. After I told him, he was scared. I mean he's only 22 and is still in college, I get that."

The adult model added that she's financially stable and happy to care for the baby on her own, saying: "We've both been content to go our separate ways. His family has no idea, they would be so disappointed. If he feels ready in the future, he is welcome to meet his baby."

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The ex-teacher is currently six months pregnant, but revealed that not many of her OnlyFans followers have noticed her baby bump.

She said: "I'm so small and pretty athletic still, I work out daily so I'm not really showing that much. My breasts have grown considerably though and I get a lot of comments about that. I've only had one comment saying I look pregnant but other than that nothing."

Why did Amy Kupps quit her teaching job?

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Amy Kupps had to resign from her high school teaching job after her racy OnlyFans content was discovered.

Though initially upset at losing her teaching career, Kupps is raking in the cash from her adult content.

She revealed that some of her ex-colleagues and students' parents even pay to watch her content, sharing that one of her ex-student's dads spends over £8000 on her photos and videos.

She added: "One of them even told me that his wife was into it and they’d watch some of my content together. That blew my mind."

Kupps who expected to never hear from her ex-colleagues after being forced to quit her job was also pleasantly surprised when one of them reached to check on her and even subscribe to her OnlyFans.

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