Families can get £150 in supermarket vouchers and money towards kids clothing

Struggling families can access extra help that could give them money for food and clothes this winter.

Supermarket vouchers worth up to £150 might be handed out to those having financial troubles.

An allowance worth up to £60 for buying children's clothes is also available through the Household Support Fund.

Energy bills have jumped by hundreds of pounds and the cost of a food shop is expected to be £180 a year more.

The pot of cash is worth £500million and it has been dished out by the government to local councils to help Brits.

It's up to each area how much individuals can get and what the money is for.

Anyone struggling can get £30 towards food, up to £150 per household and a children's clothing allowance of £20 per kid.

The fund will also grant £75 per household to cover fuel costs.

You can apply to the council directly and the exact amount you'll receive depends on your circumstance.

This must be done before December 24 and you'll get the money in two payments.

To be entitled to the government help you'll need to be getting one of the following benefits:

  • Council tax support
  • Heat and water element of an adult care package
  • Universal Credit and lost the £20-a-week uplift
  • Universal Credit and have limited capacity to work
  • Eligible for school meals

You'll also need to be a resident in East Riding, Yorkshire, to get this specific help.

But wherever you live your local council will have money to hand out.

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