Famous American Gangster Al Capones Memorabilia Brings In $3 Million At An Auction

A sale of items belonging to the notorious American gangster Al Capone has raked in $3.1 million at an auction held over the weekend in California. Capone’s favorite gun was only one part of a larger estate auction that saw the sale of 175 Capone family heirlooms.

The Capone family organized the auction titled ‘A Century of Notoriety: The Estate of Al Capone’. It took place in California over the weekend.

Al Capone was an infamous prohibition-era crime lord. He dominated organized crime in Chicago from 1925 to 1931 and became one of the most famous gangsters in the United States. Capone was famously convicted of tax crimes and sent to Alcatraz.

Items owned by the gangers excited collectors, and over 1,000 bidders registered for the auction. Participants were able to place bids online and in person at The Sutter Club in Sacramento, California. Items auctioned ranged from personal photographs, pocket watches, and jewelry. There were also household items like furniture and kitchenware.

Capone’s favorite weapon generated a lot of excitement and brought it the biggest bids.

“The items that generate the most interest are the ones that you think of synonymous with a gangster figure like Al Capone, his guns, and his fancy flamboyant jewelry,” Brian Witherell, consignment director at Witherell’s Auction House, said.

An anonymous buyer purchased the gangster’s blue Colt Model 1911 semi-automatic pistol for $860,000, according to FOX Business. With the buyer’s premium included, the firearm’s final price tag jumped to $1,040,600.

“We expected that Al Capone’s personal gun would be the top-selling item because we immediately received multiple six-figure bids when we announced the auction back in August,” said Witherell’s cofounder, Brian Witherell.

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Another pistol attracted the second-highest sum, selling for $200,000.

Other personal items were also sold for hefty prices. Capone’s monogram Patek Philippe pocket watch sold for $190,000, and his decorative cigar humidor (sold for $120,000).

Diane Capone, 77, the second of Al Capone’s four granddaughters, had hoped the items would reveal the gangster’s human side. One of the most personable items available was a handwritten letter written by Capone to his son while he was serving time in Alcatraz. The letter sold for $45,000.

The family said they based their decision to sell the items on getting older. They also fear the increasing wildfires near their homes could destroy the items.

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Sources: Fox Business, BBC

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