Father who had 21 babies via surrogates in 1 year already has 9 kids with ex

A millionaire dad who had 21 babies within one year via multiple surrogates already has nine children with his ex-wife, reports state.

Turkish businessman, Galip Ozturk, 57, recently hit headlines after paying £143,000 to surrogate mums who gave birth to 21 kids.

His wife, Kristina Oztirk, 24, from Georgia, hopes to have a whopping 105 babies in her lifetime.

But, it turns out Galip is a father-of-30 due to his additional children with his former wife.

In an interview with Forbes in 2020, Galip said: "Indeed, I have nine children, but they all live and work in Turkey.

"My youngest is 12 years old, and my eldest is 34 years of age."

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Galip continued: “Even my 12-year-old son works, selling vegetables and eggs.

"My sons and daughters help me manage my companies. With time, they are getting better and better at their jobs.”

He added: "They have the energy of the youth. Some of them are in the tourist business, while others are active in the financial sector. They all work."

Kristina also has a child from a previous relationship – Victoria, 6, who lives with her mum and Galip and their 21 babies.

The couple had their first baby together in March 2020, but they continued to have many more within the space of 12 years.

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Kristina told the Sun: "I've dreamed about this since childhood. My husband also dreamed about having a big, happy family. So after we met, we started to put our dream into action."

Each surrogate is paid £7,700 per pregnancy and the pair also hire 16 nannies full time who are paid £350 a month.

Their babies are: Mustafa, 15 months; Mariam, 14 months; Ayrin, 14 months; Alisa, 14 months; Hasan, 13 months; Judi, 13 months; Harper, one; Teresa, one; Huseyin, one; Anna, 11 months; Isabella, 11 months; Ismail, 10 months; Mehmet, 10 months; Ahmet, 10 months; Ali, nine months; Kristina, nine months; Sara, eight months; Lokman, eight months; Galip, seven months; and Olivia, five months.

An unnamed 22nd child has been announced on Instagram, but their name has not yet been shared.

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