Gran-of-13 to marry 27-year-old boyfriend after they met on sexy hook-up site

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A couple with a 47-year age gap are determined to show the world just how powerful their love is.

Kathi Jenkins, 74, met 27-year-old met Devaughn Aubrey, from Texas, US, on the adult hook-up site Adult Friend Finder.

Despite the site not being a dating app, the two decided they would like to get to know each other anyway.

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The relationship turned into so much more than sex for the pair as they're now planning their wedding.

Now it's been a whole year since they first made things official as Devaughn knew the 74-year-old would be the one for him.

He said: "We met online on AFF it is a hook up site neither of us were looking for a serious relationship.

"I stumbled on her picture, it was a picture of her breast.

"I read her profile and messaged her in hopes of a response, she was online too and answered back.

"I asked for her number and she gave it to me then she immediately asked how big my member is and we talked for a bit that night."

The couple talked for four months before actually meeting as Kathi lived two hours away from Devaughn.

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When they agreed to meet, Devaughn said she was already waiting in bed and looked "way hotter" than her pictures.

He even claimed she "smelled really sweet and good" as he added: "She had this silky dark red blouse on with nothing else.

"Thank God I never told her my height. She's very selective, she's a size queen that likes tall men and I'm 5ft 7ins.

"Once she saw me in person one of the first things she said was 'you're short' or 'you're shorter than I thought'.

"She wasn't mad, she thought I was hot and we met at a hotel room a couple weeks after that and just kept meeting every week."

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The lovebirds became official after Kathi invited him over for Thanksgiving.

She's never been married but has four kids, 13 grandkids, 36 great grandkids and a great-great grandson from long-term relationships.

Devaughn has no children, but was once married at the age of 24, however, he divorced in 2021, shortly before he met Kathi.

And no other relationship has been like this one according to Devaughn.

He even feels like she's perfect for him as the couple never fight.

Fortunately for Devaughn, his family has been supportive although they thought he was lying about how old she was.

He said: "I do have friends around Kathi's age, some can't understand why I would want someone older but they are still supportive.

"Because of our age gap, sometimes people assume that Kathi is rich and that I want all her money, which is not the case at all."

Now Devaughn is looking forward to coming home to see his pretty hot lady.

He concluded: "I love showing off my sexy fiancée. I can't get over how beautiful she is."

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