Gym bunny shares posed and relaxed pix and tells fans to be kind to themselves

A personal trainer has urged her followers to stop comparing themselves to influencers they see online.

Molly Ava, from Salisbury in Wiltshire, showed how looks can be deceiving by posting “posed” and “relaxed” photos.

While she looks beautiful in both, they show her body in very different lights.

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Her abs look rock-hard in the first image, which is aided by the fact she hiked her shorts up and breathed in.

The second picture shows Molly’s natural beauty as she stands normally with her hands at either side.

Molly captioned the post: “JUST A REMINDER… That you don’t have to pose, pull up your shorts and tense to be beautiful.

“Your body is JUST as worthy, beautiful and incredible however you stand, however full you are, however high your clothes sit.

“Remember that social media is a snapshot and people do not have flat tensed stomachs 24/7.

“Be kind to yourself.”

The post garnered more than 4,200 likes – and many appreciated the gym bunny’s message.

One commenter said: “Thanks for what you do.”

A second wrote: “Love this so much.”

A third remarked: “Wow. Love how you posted this for awareness.”

And a fourth added: “I needed to see this today.”

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