Hair washing tip some stylists swear by’ – are you using enough shampoo?

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When it comes to washing hair, many people may find themselves in a regular routine, but there is one common mistake some might be making. Though washing with shampoo and then conditioner might be the norm, some hair stylists advise using twice as much shampoo for certain hair types.

Experts from Lovely Skin recommend “double shampooing” in certain cases. They explained: “Double shampooing entails washing your hair with shampoo twice during the same shower or bath.

“Some hair stylists swear by double shampooing, suggesting that the first shampoo helps remove dirt and oil and the second shampoo helps impart nourishing benefits.”

You should be able to tell if your hair needs double the shampoo based on how it feels.

The experts suggest that for those whose hair gets greasy at the roots, but feels dry and brittle at the ends, this “typically means the oil from your scalp is having trouble making its way to the ends of your strands”.

For people with thick or very curly hair, this is normal and often occurs. Lovely Skin continued: “Since those who have curly or thick hair tend to spend more time between washings, this creates more time for the product to build up, so shampooing twice may help remove excess product and cleanse away built-up oil near your scalp.”

However, double shampooing is not healthy for all hair types. Those who have thin, damaged, dry or oily hair can be negatively impacted by too much shampoo.

Similarly, if you have a sensitive scalp it is better to only shampoo your hair once per wash.

Board-certified dermatologist and LovelySkin CEO Dr Joel Schlessinger, speaking on behalf of the website, said: “I don’t know that double shampooing is necessary.

“I worry about scalp irritation. For my patients, I generally recommend what I call ‘slow shampooing,’ which involves leaving on the shampoo during the entirety of their shower or bath and then washing it off at the end.

“This allows them to retain the full benefits rather than simply washing it off immediately.”

How often should you wash your hair?

A normal hair-washing routine really depends on the hair type that you have. For example, those with coarse hair will need to wash in a different way than those who have thin hair.

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Speaking previously to, Saul Meskin, hair maintenance expert at Foxy Locks explained: “Your hair is connected to your scalp by a follicle and this follicle is connected to glands that produce vitamins and moisture, which gets passed into the hair.

“If you wash your hair too often, you’ll wash out all the natural oils in your hair that the glands are producing, meaning they will no longer be passing on any goodness to your hair, leaving it lifeless and dry.”

The experts explained that you should be able to tell whether or not your hair requires washing by running your hands through it.

For hair that doesn’t look dirty or greasy on sight, it still feels soft and bouncy, it’s likely it won’t need a wash.

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