Harry Styles Confirms You Knew Exactly What 'Watermelon Sugar' Is Really About

“It’s about, uh — the sweetness — of life,” Styles said in concert over the weekend before interrupting his own song to finally reveal the truth much more directly.

Harry Styles enjoyed the song of the summer for 2019 with his bop “Watermelon Sugar,” but some thought it was more than just an upbeat happy song about the juiciest of fruits. Could it be?!

The singer himself hilariously confirmed what virtually everyone has already known — or at least suspected — since the song first dropped. It all went down during a live concert performance over the weekend in Nashville, Tennesee.

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Styles, who is on the road as part of his “Love on Tour” in support of his “Fine Line” album, was captured by fan video offering the explanation, almost as an afterthought, before singing it.

“This song is about–” he began awkwardly (clearly fully aware of the answer but thinking he might hem and haw and edge around it as he’s done for the most part these past two years.

“It doesn’t really matter what it’s about,” he tried again. “It’s about, uh — the sweetness — of life.”

Well sure, in a way, right? He then started up the song, but then decided playing coy was only fun for so long. He actually interrupted himself to say directly, “It’s also about the female orgasm, but that’s totally different. It’s not really relevant.”

Well, sure, but it also is. You’re singing the song. This is what the song is about. How is that not relevant? Styles also confirmed what his legions of fans have been saying for two years now, because it wasn’t that subtle.

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Neither was the imagery associated with the song, which –ahem– certainly takes on a multi-faceted meaning in the wake of this (not-quite-a) revelation. Still, it’s nice for Styles to just own it after all this time. His certainly isn’t the only song with a more perverse meaning than its lyrics might suggest.

It kind of makes you wonder, though, if Styles would have been so upfront if he’d known how quickly word get out and go viral across social media. Well, surely he knew that everyone was recording him because most artists perform to cell phones instead of faces these days.

Mostly, Styles has evaded the question deftly by smiling, playing innocent like even he doesn’t know what it’s about, or perhaps saying everything by saying nothing at all. Now that the cat is out of the bag, fans can feel free to enjoy the song unabashedly and proudly, as Styles no doubt intended from the beginning.

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