Hello, Your Monthly Horoscope for February Is Here

So, January 2021 was, uh, A LOT, but a new month is a fresh start, right?

Mmmm, maybe, but a New Moon does mark the start of a fresh lunar cycle, so mark your calendar for the New Moon in Aquarius on February 11. Then, less than a week later on February 17, we see a major event called a “Saturn-Uranus square.” A “square” is an astrological term for when two planets make a 90º angle with each other, and it’s associated with harsh, tense energy. This is the first Saturn-Uranus square we’ve experienced since 2000, so expect some biiiiiig changes. But they won’t happen all at once! That’s because we’ll see two more Saturn-Uranus squares in 2021 (on June 14 and December 24), so this is more of a whole-year journey than a one-day thing.

Better news: Pisces season starts on February 18, bringing us all a dose of emotional, intuitive vibes, and just two days later on February 20, Mercury Retrograde finally ends. (Yes, I know it only started on January 30, but I’ve had enough, okay???) Finally, the month concludes with a precise Full Moon in Virgo, helping us all see things a bit more clearly.

Read your monthly Sun/Rising horoscopes by Aliza Kelly below:













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