Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for October 26

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It doesn’t matter what other people might think or say, if there is something you really want to do, follow your own desires. Ideally, you will prefer to get on with no-one watching over your shoulder. You just want and need some time to call your own.


A peaceful aura will envelop your world and you will not want this shattered for anything. The quiet that surrounds you suits your mood perfectly. If you live or work in a noisy environment, you will be finding an excuse to go to a more serene and peaceful place.


It’s good to take a breather every once in a while and at this stage in the month you will welcome this. Most plans will turn out as expected. The few unexpected issues that crop up can be dealt with quite easily. Nothing will catch you off guard.


A hobby could turn out to be an ideal way to put a little extra cash in your pockets. Even if this is not going to be a regular source of income it will be satisfying to be able to use a creative skill so profitably. Enjoy using your imagination.


Be careful about the type of invitations you accept. A journey or friendly get-together could be more costly than anticipated. Choose to spend some time with like-minded friends who know how to make you laugh. Friendships will be strengthened in a pleasing fashion.


You can’t keep pushing yourself and never stopping without this having an effect on your health. Just as you wouldn’t try to squeeze water out of a stone, don’t expect your energy to be endless. Take regular breaks. Give yourself a chance to recharge your batteries.


New ideas could save you some money. You will be eager to work on these. Persevere and some of your wildest dreams will come true. Be bold and make that first move now. This will veer you away from boring and worn out routines and towards projects that inspire your imagination.


You’re working hard and putting in long hours, but there is little evidence materially or financially to show for your efforts. You’ve been dreaming of all the wonderful things you could do with your cash if only you could save it but once everyday bills are paid, there’s little left for spending on luxuries.


An old family friend will be in touch with news that will take you by surprise. You might consider whether to pass this information on to an older relative or do they really need to know? If it might upset them in any way, it would be better to keep what you hear to yourself.


Anything connected to the social scene will bring you masses of pleasure. Even something as straightforward as a visit to a neighbour can add a special glow to your day so the message for you today is: don’t lock yourself away from company.


Being able to put your imaginative and inventive ideas into your work will bring praise from people in high places. You might see a simple way to improve work efficiency and others will treat this as if it is quite brilliant.


Some form of reward or bonus will be received for the quick thinking way you handle a difficult situation. A workmate’s envy will cause tension between you and eventually this will get you down. All you can do is try to ignore any negative attitude displayed by those around you.

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