Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Tuesday, July 19

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You have boundless energy and ambition. This makes you active and energetic and in need of being on the go all the time. If you are working, you will be getting on exceptionally well with a colleague who is hyperactive in nature. You will find this motivating and their ideas exciting.


Just like everyone else, you appreciate a change of scenery or occupation. Breaking away from your usual routines feels right for you now. Some interesting people will be met as you take up new interests and hobbies. One of the people you come into contact with could become a very close friend or lover.


A friend will suddenly seem to have a lot of luck in their career. Everything is going well for them. You have a choice to make and although this is something you need to decide for yourself, they could give you some useful tips on how to improve your own progress.


If you notice your energy levels dropping, look after yourself a little more. You only have the one pair of hands. Travel delays will cause frustration. You may not have anticipated these problems, although on looking back, you will wish you had planned this journey more thoroughly.


You are starting to realise your path towards a particular goal has veered slightly off-course. You won’t rest until you find a way to get back on track and because it may take a while to work out the best way to do so, you need to do some quiet thinking.


You’re starting to question whether you are in the right job. You can’t afford to continue in work that doesn’t pay when everyday expenses are rising. Even if you love the work, you need to earn more money making this a very difficult choice.


Something you hear early in the day will delight you. More than one person will comment on how happy you seem to be. In addition to this, your bright and cheerful outlook will make anything you choose to do seem more fun, more exciting and more rewarding than you had expected it to be.


You might disagree, but someone close will hint that you have not been as loving or as demonstrative as usual. They feel you have been taking them for granted. You are grateful for how much they have been helping you recently. Now may be the time to let them know it.


If there are any legal or financial affairs that have been delayed in the past, you will be pleased to notice that these are starting to move forward again now. A younger relative will draw attention to a pet’s strange behaviour and you will be glad of their astuteness.


Activities you are involved in will take it out of you physically. You won’t be surprised to have any energy to spare for someone who asks for a helping hand at the end of the day. They will have to wait until tomorrow. For you, an early night seems to be in order.


A relationship has come to an end, but someone does not want to admit this or accept it. You can no longer continue a friendship with someone who has betrayed your trust. They still want to be a part of your life while your inclination is to avoid them like the plague.


If your work or a voluntary exercise involves interacting with the general public, you could be in for a stressful time. Some people will seem to be going out of their way to be difficult. Although it feels unfair, do your best to control your temper and be patient.

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