How good is your photographic memory? Take this test to find out

How good is your memory?

If you’re the type to change tabs and immediately forget what you were doing, it’s probably not great.

And yet you can still remember all the words to All Star by Smash Mouth. What gives?

There are different types of memory, and while you may excel in one area your brain will be like a sieve in another.

Today we’re going to test out your photographic memory  – how well you can remember an image after gazing upon it for a few seconds – with a quiz from Lenstore.

Just 1.2% of people get a perfect 10 out of 10, apparently, so don’t be too harsh on yourself if you fail miserably.

Here’s how it’s going to work. Take a look at each of the pictures below for around seven seconds (get some else to count so you can focus).

Once you’re done, scroll down and you’ll find a quiz. Don’t scroll back up to look at the pictures, as that’s obviously cheating, and while we won’t know you will have to live with guilt and shame for the rest of your days.

Ready? Let’s go.

Look at each picture for around seven seconds:

All done? Now take the test. Don’t scroll up to check anything!

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