How The Office John Krasinski Star Acquired His $80 Million Fortune

John Krasinski has acquired an $80 million fortune through his prolific career. Star of the hit sitcom The Office has dived into production and direction to flourish his Hollywood portfolio.

The impact of the hit show The Office on pop culture and the binge-watching generation has been astronomical in recent years. Krasinski had a slow start to his career before landing his big break. Coming from a humble family in Boston, Massachusetts, his father was an internist while his mother was a nurse. Krasinski got the urge from his mother to try his hand at acting, and he went from waiting tables to starring in big-budget movies and TV shows. While his acting career steadily rose, he started his production company and became a talented screenwriter and director. His smart investments in movies have now amassed him an $80 million net worth.

From acting and voiceovers to production and commercials, Krasinski has done it all. A charming person who is loved by all, the actor has consistently grown his net worth over the years. Let’s take a look at how John Krasinski earned himself an $80 million fortune.

Income As An Actor

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John Krasinski stepped into the spotlight after starring in the famed American sitcom The Office as Jim Halpert. His quirky, calm, and sensible personality set him apart from the other crazy characters on the show. He was best known for breaking the third wall and showing people his famous Jim Stares. As mentioned by Looper, while Krasinski was paid $20,000 during the initial seasons, he started earning $100,000 from the fourth season until the ninth season. His other significant works included his supporting roles in the movies Manchester By The Sea and Something Borrowed. In 2018, he starred in the Amazon Prime TV show Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, a highly successful political thriller.

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Director And Producer

Something that Krasinski always wanted to pursue was a career behind the camera. He has directed three episodes on The Office: Sabre, Lotto, and The Boat. He has also directed and starred in the movie The Hollars opposite Anna Kendrick. The film wasn’t a commercial success; however, it gave Krasinski an excellent platform to show off his directorial skills. His main breakthrough came from the blockbuster hit movie A Quiet Place, a science fiction horror film in which he starred alongside his wife, Emily Blunt. The movie was a commercial and critical success and earned Blunt a Screen Actors Guild Award for her outstanding performance.

Along with being a Director, John Krasinski is also a Producer and founded his own company called Sunday Night Productions in 2013 with Allyson Seeger. His company has produced works including The Hollars and A Quiet Place Part I and Part II and television shows such as Lip Sync Battle and Jack Ryan.

While The Hollars lost a few million bucks, he earned big from A Quiet Place. The movie had a budget of $17 million, and the film grossed a whopping $340 million worldwide, which is the primary reason for his $80 million fortune, as noted by Box Office Mojo. The subsequent sequel had a $47 million budget and made $297 million amid the Coronavirus. He won the Saturn Award for Best Horror Film as a Producer.


The inspiration for becoming a screenwriter came to Krasinski after the script for A Quiet Place was dropped by Bryan Woods and Scott Beck. Being a father to two daughters, the actor saw the movie’s potential as becoming a love letter to his girls. He created a more intense horror genre script, including his fears of being a new father. He has written the first and second part of A Quiet Place, which earned him a Saturn Award for Best Writing, as stated by Deadline.

He had also received writing credits for the 2012 movie Promised Land starring Matt Damon and himself. During the lockdown, Krasinski started a YouTube web series called Some Good News, which he wrote and executed with some help. The web series was an instant hit and a tribute to the front-line workers who have helped during the pandemic.

Voiceovers And Brand Endorsements

John Krasinski has a friendly and approachable voice which brands use for their commercials. According to HubPages, he has earned over $400,000 for a single commercial from his voiceovers. He has been the voice for Esurance, Apple TV, Blackberry Storm, My Coke Rewards, Carnival Cruise Lines, Kodak, Verizon Wireless,, and Pepsi. Interestingly, Krasinski is also the voice of The Gingerbread Man, the audiobook, one of the most popular books published by Speakaboo.

While the actor hasn’t had significant brand campaigns under his belt or collaborations, Krasinski is known for his commercials. One of his recent advertisements was a hit Super Bowl commercial for Hyundai Sonata alongside Chris Evans and Rachel Dratch. In this Boston-centric ad, the actors showed off their hometown accents.

Krasinski has claimed that The Office was a lottery ticket for him that changed his life. He also ensured that he grew out of the simple character of a paper salesman by creating groundbreaking scripts and directing horror movies that have made toes curl. While the third part of A Quiet Place is still in question, Krasinski will be next heard in the animated film DC League Of Super-Pets, starring Dwayne Johnson and Keanu Reeves.

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