How the Queen reached 70 years on the throne – daily routine with three royal dressers

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Queen Elizabeth has managed seven decades on the throne. But what is her daily routine? Wellness experts at Zeal CBD used a seed list to find out how the Queen spends her days, breaking down her daily routine into steps.

Their wellness experts have also provided additional commentary to on why each step is beneficial for wellbeing.

A spokesperson from Zeal CBD said: “The Queen tends to start her day at 7.30am which is when her maid enters the room and the Royal Sergeant guarding the door finishes their shift for the night.

“Once she wakes up, she stays in bed for a few minutes listening to the ‘Today Programme’ on BBC Radio 4.

“As the Queen leisurely wakes up, Angela Kelly, her long-serving personal assistant, runs a bath that is exactly seven inches deep and the perfect temperature.”

Having a bath first thing in the morning is certainly a relaxing way to start the day for the monarch.

The expert continued: “Once out of the bath, an outfit for the day will have been carefully laid out by Angela.

“The Queen has three royal dressers who select her clothing and will be waiting in her dressing room to help her into her outfit.

“As she gets ready for the day, she will be met with a pot of Earl Grey tea and cold milk in a china cup. The Queen takes no sugar with her tea,” according to the expert.

They added: “At 8:30am, it is time for breakfast and this usually consists of a light continental offering such as cereal and fruit or toast with marmalade. On special occasions, breakfast will consist of scrambled brown eggs and smoked salmon finished with grated truffle.

“Once breakfast is wrapped up, she will enter her office at around 9:30am and spend about two hours getting through any paperwork that is needed, responding to official state papers that must be read, approved and signed every day.

“After this, the Queen meets with outgoing or incoming foreign dignitaries, giving them a 10-minute audience in the Audience Room of the Palace.”

What time does the monarch have lunch?

The expert claimed: “Lunch is served at 1:30pm and tends to consist of a light yet warm meal in which presentation is important, ensuring all vegetables are served in equal sizes. Example dishes include a chicken salad or fish with vegetables.

“After lunch, the royal chef presents the week’s menu to the Queen for her approval. Since the start of her reign, this has been written in French by every chef to date.

“Once lunch is wrapped up, the Queen heads for a gentle stroll around the gardens of the Palace. Although this is usually alone or with her dogs following closely, sometimes family members will accompany her if they are around.”

How does she relax in the evening?

The expert commented: “After her walk, she unwinds for 30 minutes or so with a cup of tea in hand. This tends to be at around 5pm and allows her to recuperate mid-afternoon.

“Once she has finished her cup of tea, the Queen returns to her office for around an hour to wrap up any final work needed for the day.

“By about 6pm, she will typically retire to her bedroom to relax if she has no evening events in the schedule.

“Dinner is served at 8pm by the royal chef, delivered to her room on a silver tray where she enjoys her meal from the comfort of her private quarters.

“Once dinner is complete, the Queen will read through the report of the day’s parliamentary proceedings before spending a few hours in her own company. This time may be spent watching TV or reading a book in the sitting room by her office.

“The Queen will normally retire to bed by 11pm, often reading some of her books in bed to help her drift off.”

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