How to use sticky tape to flawlessly apply makeup as social media goes wild for adhesive hacks

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Beauty fans all know that TikTok is the place to go for the next big trend in makeup, but who knew tape would play such a huge part?

With more creatives than ever sharing their nifty tips on how to create a seemingly impossible look in just a few simple steps, it's never been easier to look your best with half the effort.

From achieving symmetrical eyeliner (for once!) to creating the perfect geometric-looking eyeshadow, here we take a glance at the most worthy tape trends to try at home today…

Professional brow shaping

TikTok user @edelydesigns shared her clever way of using tape to trim off those unwanted strands of eyebrow hair that stick out from the crowd.

Sharing a tutorial on her social media, the influencer first uses a spoolie to comb her hair down before using a bit of yellow tape to cover the top of her eyebrow, following the curve from one end to the other.

With the tape holding the rogue hairs down, she takes a pair of scissors and carefully cuts them from the edges. She then plucks the hair between her eyes and brows to get a polished look.

Fans are living for the method, as one person comments: "This is amazing. I have to try this, my eyebrows need some serious work rn," with a laughing emoji, while another says: "So good, best hack!!" with three clapping hands emojis.

Geometrical eyeshadow

If you want to bring a bit of edge to your eyeshadow game instead of the usual wing or blended shape, this hack will be right up your street.

TikToker @majatopcagich uses tape to create a different canvas layout on her eyelids to play with.

In one video, she takes six strands of tape to create a box shape around her eyes, placing two on either side vertically, while a third sits below her eyebrow horizontally.

She then uses orange eyeshadow to block colour the space before taking the tape off to present viewers with a different kind of makeup look.

Effortless eyeliner

TikToker @kat_longoria found the easiest way to apply eyeliner without all the faff of using liquid eyeliner or even a makeup brush.

The social media user takes a long bit of medical tape and places the middle of it on the tip of her nose before taking the ends up to sit past the sides of her eyes.

She then takes short pieces of tape to place on her eyelids, connecting them to the end of the long tape – creating a gap for the eyeliner to be placed.

Finally, she covers her two index fingers with black eyeshadow and simply rubs them into the gaps. Carefully peeling the tape off, the finished look reveals an angled, symmetrical and gorgeous eyeliner.

"Honestly…it takes forever to get a perfect wing and this took 3 seconds," one impressed fan writes.

We can’t wait to try these all out!

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