Hugh Hefner sold off pictures of Playboy Bunnys privates in grim brown book

Former Playboy Bunnies have recalled the grim side to Hugh Hefner's empire, where X-rated pictures were secretly sold and upskirting snaps made the norm.

Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt have been using their Girls Next Level podcast to lift the lid on Hefner’s sleazy antics.

Holly was just 21 when she started dating the tycoon, then 75, in 2001 while Bridget was a little older when she entered the Playboy stable.

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She claimed the camera crew on the show would constantly try to snatch “upskirt” shots and in one broadcast clip said: “You can fully see my underwear – I gave no f***s in those days… “

In one scene on the reality show, Holly jumped on the sofa and cameras captured everything.

Bridget recalled: "I didn't think there was anything wrong with you diving on the couch and you not care, but I don't know why they had to keep that in, why couldn't they have panned."

But there were even more explicit images that Hefner himself kept to sell off.

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In the show, fellow-playmate Kendra said: “I’m so glad they airbrushed out my p***y… there was a shot in one of the limo pictures and you could see A LOT”.

But Holly revealed Hefner would auction off a secret “brown book” of Playboy that contained the original un-retouched photos.

"It's another example of, in the Playboy world, nudity is taken for granted," the Bunny said.

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She said there was also a “Black Book” that kept a record of when the playmates had picked dip their weekly pocket money and “also kept track of who slept with him and when”.

She added that she “so badly” wanted to “burn that book” when she eventually moved out of the house.

“I’m just so disgusted with how he [kept] a record of who he had sex with [and] on what night, and [took] all these nudes of all the girls when they’re in the limo and drunk and flashing and stuff,” she recalled.

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Hefner maintained a secret scrapbook of explicit images of the playmates which, Holly claimed, he "planned on selling to a library".

She continued: “So that was another thing that made me feel kind of weird and afraid to leave, ‘cause I felt like there was this mountain of revenge porn.”


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