I get paid fortune to rate mens penises – its my guilty pleasure

A model who pockets a fortune each month said rating mens' genitals is her "guilty pleasure".

Victoria Lit earns a lot of money through her sugar daddies and OnlyFans page.

Recently, she racked up £5,000 from one man alone as he wanted to pay for her spit.

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While her interests include cooking, fashion and travelling, she also loves giving rating mens' penises.

The bombshell gets a real kick out of giving lads her honest opinion when it comes to their measurements.

Now speaking with Daily Star, Victoria opened up about her favourite fan interactions.

She said: "My favourite fan interaction is when I get to rate their d***s. I think it's so much fun and men want honesty.

"Some men tell me to say their penis is too small and it wouldn't even fit inside me.

"Dominating and humiliating them is always my guilty pleasure."

Victoria claims it's a stress reliever to just completely obliterate someone (with consent, of course).

And the model appreciates it when clients randomly send over some cash to her.

On one occasion, a fan transferred £432 ($500) to her on Venmo.

She admitted: "It just means I can buy more cute clothes to wear for them.

"Plus when I tell them like 'I bought this with the money you sent', they get so excited, feel special and send more."

Victoria, who has always wanted to be a porn star in some way, earns her money through OnlyFans and sugar daddies.

Her favourite thing about her kinky line of work is to satisfy others' needs.

She continued: "I also love filming booty scenes. I know a lot of girls don't like it but I love it, and my fans do too!

"My life has completely changed with OnlyFans and I'm finally living the life I feel like I deserve."

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