I removed thousands of pics and videos off OnlyFans – then they did U-turn

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Many OnlyFans creators were left shocked last week when the site announced that it was banning "sexually explicit content".

The website, which saw its popularity explode during lockdown, said it would allow some posts containing nudity. However, it was thought that it was trying to shift its focus onto more mainstream content such as cookery and yoga.

The news infuriated many OnlyFans creators, saying they felt "betrayed" and "used" as the company appeared to turn its back on the adult industry.

Many also started flocking the site after the announcement and looked for alternatives.

One such model was Lacey London, 26, who said she removed thousands of pictures and videos from the site immediately after she got the email from OnlyFans about the new rules.

The model, who has been on OnlyFans since 2017, exclusive told Daily Star: "We found out through the media then got an email immediately.

"I started moving all my stuff over straight away.

"They basically kicked us out and hardly gave us much time, I had thousands of pictures and videos on there."

Talking about the treatment of adult content creators on OnlyFans, Lacey added: "We've been dealing with all sorts of things for about a year.

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"They say certain things are not allowed and we have to delete those.

"You didn't need verification process and then you did.

"They cut us out after all the money we made them money."

After Lacey and other models department from the site, OnlyFans then did a U-turn this week by announcing it was suspending the porn ban on the site, which was scheduled to come in by October 1.

However, many now say they won't return to the site.

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Lacey, instead, is using Nafty's adult content platforms, which use cryptocurrency.

NaftyFans.com, for example, is similar to OnlyFans, but it is a blockchain-based fan club platform that offers lower fees, better payment solutions and built-in marketing tools.

Nafty itself is a crypto-based token built specifically for the adult industry.

It's a way of using cryptocurrency so adult creators and website don't have to rely on credit card companies.

Talking about her experience of Nafty so far, Lacey admits it's been "great".

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She said it's not easy to learn cryptocurrency, but is worth it when you do.

Lacey explained: "I won't say learning cryptocurrency is easy, but it's not as hard as people think, you just need consistency.

Multiple times a day you need to be checking the prices, look at the news, Twitter, social media and see what people talking about. You need to be informed.

"That is the hardest part, knowing what coins to have and what influences the coins.

"Once you learn that, it's easy sailing, but it does require discipline."

Asked if she thinks cryptocurrency is the way forward for the adult industry, Lacey said she doesn't.

She told us: "Yeah definitely, adult needs to be moving to blockchain.

"Important track how much money you have and when and where it's come from. We can see all of that on blockchain. It tells you how many times the money has been sold, who to and how much for.

"That's something that the adult industry hasn't had before."

Lacey also encouraged models who are worried about OnlyFans to create their own website.

She advised: "Ladies don't be scared, be focused. Get a website up for yourself, make your website de-centralised, come to Nafty we can help you."

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