Influencer shares two snaps taken seconds apart after accepting natural body

An influencer has been applauded online for sharing two snaps along with an important caption.

Loz Fitness, who boasts 37,300 followers on Instagram, constantly reminds fans about how unrealistic social media can be.

The blogger is on a mission to inspire her admirers with constant posts about how Photoshopped pictures can be.

Now in one of her latest posts, Loz was praised when she flaunted her "natural" body on Monday evening.

Posting two photos taken seconds apart, the gym-goer wore her fitness gear as she flaunted her tanned physique.

Then in the photo on the right, Loz re-adjusted her pose slightly as she pulled her shorts down over her belly.

Her caption read: "The photo you see vs the photo I hide.

"We always want what we don't have. We wish to look like those we see online.

"But why can't we learn to love what we have? Post the photos that highlight our insecurities – because those make us.

"We always think we're not good enough, smart enough or pretty enough. But we are, you are!"

Loz continued to tell fans how she would "never have posted the photo on the right", but now all that's changed.

She added: "But now? I honestly love how I look in the right, I'm natural. I think: 'Wow look at her'. 'She looks so happy'.

"And I am, I truly am. I am free of body shaming myself and I feel confident.

"For you, it may be hard to understand how I can feel this way towards the natural photo.

"But you have to work on it. Change will only happen if you make changes."

Loz ended her post with a few tips to help people to accept themselves for who they are.

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The influencer concluded: "My challenge for you is to comment something you love about yourself.

"Something that makes you proud for being you. Something that makes you special and unique to everyone else."

Since she shared the post earlier this week it racked up over 2,260 likes with hundreds of comments.

One wrote: "I love this so much," while another praised: "This is so important."

And a third hailed: "So important, proud of you girl."

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