It's a 'hatchet job'

Harry and Meghan’s series is a ‘hatchet job’ on members of the royal family and ‘the social morals of this country,’ says our Royal Editor

  • First three episodes of bombshell show Harry & Meghan are now streaming
  • The Daily Mail’s royal editor Rebecca English speaks through her first thoughts
  • She calls it a ‘hatchet job’ and refers to pointed slurs made at the royal family
  • However, admits to shedding a tear watching Harry as child grieving for his mother, and believes that people may be ‘enchanted’ by his and Meghan’s love
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The Daily Mail’s royal editor Rebecca English has given her verdict on the first three episodes of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s bombshell Netfilx docuseries. 

The royal correspondent called the series a ‘hatchet job’ on members of the royal family, the institution, the media and even ‘the social morals of this country.’  

She noted that it was interesting that Harry, 38, airbrushed his father, King Charles III, nearly out of the documentary and instead focusses on the awesomeness of his late mother. 

She said: ‘[Harry] clearly projects a lot of what he feels about her [Diana] and what happened to her on to Meghan and their relationship.’  

The first three episodes of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s (pictured) Netflix docuseries are now available to watch

Rebecca also noted ‘quite a few digs’ at his brother Prince William and his sister-in-law Kate. 

Noting the moment when the Duke speaks about wanting to marry Meghan, our royal editor believed it was a very pointed reference. 

She said: ‘[he is] basically saying that he has been really the only man in the family who has married for love, as apposed to somebody that fitted the mould they wanted them to, which I think can only be seen as a dig at his father and his brother.’ 

This is reiterated when Meghan speaks about how she was looking forward to being part of a a large and happy family, but when she went to meet William and Kate for the first time suggests that the ‘rigid’ persona the public sees, spills over to what they saw in private. 

The Daily Mail’s royal editor Rebecca English has shared her thoughts on the first three episodes, also shedding opinions from the people she has spoken with

While Rebecca said it could be seen as an enchanting love story, she points out the slurs and digs made, in her opinion, on the royal family 

Rebecca says: ‘It doesn’t leave you with a particularly satisfactory feeling about their relationship from the start.’ 

The royal correspondent has been speaking to people about their reactions to the first three episodes of the Netflix documentary and revealed that some are ‘particularly offended’ by the references to the commonwealth and the empire. 

 She explained: ‘While this doesn’t come from Harry and Meghan themselves it does come from the talking head that would have been employed to appear on it and obviously this programme, we mustn’t forget, is produced by Archewell their production company.

While Rebecca shed a tear for the footage of Prince Harry as a child grieving for his mother, she said that he is ‘obviously a man with huge emotional issues’

‘And a lot of those people are talking about the commonwealth and how this was the Queen’s proudest legacy, and you have one opinion maker saying that actually they just see the Commonwealth as Empire 2.0.

Meghan: ‘I had to Google God Save The Queen!’

‘A lot of people I’ve spoken to found this particularly offensive when it comes to Harry and his much loved grandmother, and see it really as a direct attack on her and her legacy when of course she isn’t around to defend it.’

On a softer note, Rebecca suggested that people may be ‘quite enchanted’ by Harry and Meghan’s love story. 

She admits that she shed a tear when watching the footage of Harry as a young boy grieving for his mother in public.   

She explained: ‘He’s obviously a man with huge emotional issues, and I think he would admit that himself and there are issues that he’s tried to work through in a very public way, but as he himself says some people will agree and some people will disagree with the way he has actually gone about it.’

Making a guess at what the public would criticise the Prince for, she says his lecturing over the public on issues such as race, have been held against incidents in his own life that have put himself and his behaviour under the microscope. 

During the series Prince Harry claimed that the royal family has an ‘unconscious bias’ on race. 

And while Harry does reference one occasion when he wore a Nazi outfit to a party and was publicly lambasted, Rebecca points out that he missed out another ‘major incident.’ 

She explained: ‘He was filmed at Sandhurst, when he was training to be an army officer, he was filmed using some really offensive racial slurs when he was referring to colleagues there, and I think that that is something very notable he doesn’t address in that programme, because I think that is slightly more difficult for him.’

Rebecca noted that many of the ‘truth bombs’ we may have expected to see, from the trailers that were released where not addressed in these first three episodes. 

However, she believes that today’s episodes are setting the scene for the moment they got married and the breakdown of their relationship with the royal family for next week’s installment. 

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