Jay Cutler Dropped By Uber Eats Over, Says Their 'Views Aren't Aligned'

In a statement, Uber says they “prefer to partner” with those who support the Covid vaccine.

Jay Cutler revealed over the weekend that he’s been dropped from a planned partnership with Uber Eats.

“Lost a commercial with Uber eats partnering with the NFL,” he claimed on Twitter Friday. “Was going to film in LA, ‘views aren’t aligned.’ Guess they don’t like future School board members. Frees up my weekend.”

When conservative radio host Clay Travis tweeted, “So [Cutler] lost an Uber Eats endorsement deal because he doesn’t believe kids should have to wear masks in schools. Jay’s right, screw Uber Eats,” Jay retweeted it adding, “Tend to cook at home anyway.”

Cutler has been tweeting up a storm in the past week after the Williamson County Board of Education in Tennessee, where Cutler lives, reinstated a mask mandate for elementary school students as the delta variant continues to rise.

Sharing a screen shot of an article about the call for masks before a school board meeting last week, he wrote, “Not this parent. Really hope I’m not put in the corner by Twitter in my first 24 hrs.”

He also shared video of some more anti-mask speeches from the meeting and some of the protests outside. “Let’s be clear. No one wants to go to a school board meeting,” he captioned a video of a protest, “So this speaks volumes.”

He’s also been tweeting about possibly running for a position on the school board, saying his platform is “Common sense.”

Good Luck Charlie Star Goes on Anti-Mask Rant at Tennessee School Board Meeting

While he hasn’t made any recent comments regarding the Covid vaccine, Uber said his stance there is what ultimately cost him his gig.

“We are proud of all the work Uber has done over the last year to help get as many people vaccinated as possible,” the company said in a statement to TooFab. “As such, we prefer to partner with those who support that work.”

Both Cutler and ex-wife Kristin Cavallari have been open about their stance against vaccinating their children in the past — claiming on WWHL in 2014 that “there are very scary statistics out there regarding what is in vaccines” and explaining they “feel like we’re making the best decision for our kids.”

It’s unclear whether either of them are vaccinated against Covid. The two are parents to three children; Camden, 9, Jaxon, 7, and Saylor, 5.

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