Jon Cryer Destroys Rep. Matt Gaetz' Attempt at a Two and a Half Men Clapback

Fans quickly get Charlie Sheen trending after Gaetz invokes his name in an attempt to burn Cryer for publicly supporting his Congressional opponent.

It’s 2020 and “Two and a Half Men” is one of the top trending topics in the United States. At this point, that totally tracks.

But it’s not a revival of the long-running CBS sitcom, nor has Charlie Sheen done anything. Instead, spiked interest in the show is the fallout of an unexpected and unlikely feud between Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida and Jon Cryer.

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Fans were eating it up as Gaetz quickly learned that you don’t try to match wits with a comedian unless you have prepared, prepared, and prepared some more. Gaetz didn’t prepare.

The politician took issue — understandably — with Cryer posting a scathing indictment of some of his actions while in office in a blatant endorsement of his opponent Phil Ehr in the upcoming election.

And Cryer brought the receipts, following up his initial post with a series of posts backing each of his claims. In other words, he did his homework before attacking his opponent.

Gaetz on the other hand, simply lashed out, tweeting, “Charlie Sheen carried two and a half men[sic].”

While Sheen was the de facto star of the series for the majority of its run, Cryer nevertheless had an incredible comeback locked and loaded. One Gaetz could have easily anticipated with a little homework himself.

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While Sheen was the face of “Two and a Half Men” for its first eight seasons, the show transitioned into a post-Sheen world surprisingly well, with Ashton Kutcher joining in a new role and Cryer carrying on as Alan Harper.

In fact, ratings went notably up for the first two seasons following Sheen’s departure as fans sampled the new dynamic and it remained a solid ratings performer throughout its 12-season run.

Cryer actually scored his second Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for his performance after Sheen’s departure. His first came in 2009, followed by another in 2012. Sheen was nominated four times as Lead Actor but failed to carry home Emmy gold.

Ironically, Kathy Bates did win an Emmy for her work as the ghost of Sheen’s character the same year Cryer picked up his second trophy. The show would go on to pick up a total of three Emmys that year, it’s largest haul in series history.

Fans were eating it all up, laughing all the way to Twitter’s trending topics, with many piling on Gaetz for his own past indiscretions and for invoking Sheen’s name, considering Sheen’s own politics:

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