Karlie Kloss Says She's 'Tried' to Tell In-Laws Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump 'Inciting Violence Is Anti-American'

The supermodel, who is married to Jared’s brother Joshua Kushner, spoke out publicly against the Trump family’s claims of election fraud and today’s protests at the U.S. Capitol that have left one woman dead.

As Hollywood was outraged by pro-Trump supporters storming the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, forcing the evacuation of Congressmen and -women while they were counting electoral votes that would confirm President-elect Joe Biden’s already-certified victory, one voice got a little extra attention.

Model Karlie Kloss has long had a complicated relationship with the White House and the family that currently resides there, which has led to some interesting exchanges with her fans and followers.

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On Wednesday, amid the ongoing chaos in Washington, DC, she tweeted out, “Accepting the results of a legitimate democratic election is patriotic. Refusing to do so and inciting violence is anti-American.”

President Trump and his family have been accused of inciting the riots and civil unrest that culminated in the wild scene that unfolded throughout the day on Wednesday. For Kloss, those allegations hit close to home, as Trump’s son-in-law is also her brother-in-law.

That’s because Kloss is married to Jared Kushner’s brother, Joshua, making both Jared and Ivanka Trump Karlie’s in-laws. Immediately, her tweet was met with arguments and debates about her relationship with the family.

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While Kloss largely stayed out of the fray, she did chime in when one follower asked her pointedly to “tell your sister in law and brother [in] law.” Her response, quite plainly, was, “I’ve tried.”

Kloss has been very public about her political disagreements with that side of her family, affirming previously that she has voted Democrat and even went so far as to campaign for Biden last year.

Trump has continuously laid false, unsubstantiated (and even thrown out of multiple courts) claims that the election was stolen from him and his supporters by Democrats.

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He again was claiming election fraud on Tuesday night as Democrats claimed both of the Georgia Senate runoff races to secure technical control of the Senate come January 20 when Joe Biden is sworn in as president.

And he’s been trying to pressure everyone and anyone, including his own vice president, to toss out the certified presidential election results so that he can somehow be declared the victor.

Amid the growing uncertainty on Wednesday, Trump both told the protesters to disperse, while also suggesting he was proud of them and they were right to be angry because of election fraud. Twitter made the unprecedented move to delete a few of his tweets and suspend his account temporarily.

Facebook, likewise, suspended Trump’s account for 24 hours, effectively silencing his favorite way to communicate with — and many would argue, rile up — his followers.

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