Kate ‘unplugged’: Body language expert on the meaning behind Duchess’ first selfie video

Kate Middleton shares support for Children’s Mental Health Week

Kate Middleton, 39, has never before taken a video in selfie form, talking directly to her fans, and posting it on social media for them to see. Until today.

Wearing a fluffy bobble hat and a Barbour quilted jacket, Kate seems to be alone in a field or garden and speaks into her phone camera.

Royal body language expert, Judi James says that this demonstrates Kate’s “new levels of confidence”.

The decision to take the video herself – presumably on her phone – reveals “a genuine desire to connect directly with her audience one-to-one”.

Judi adds: “She speaks perfectly but magically without any sign of camera cues or a script.”

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The fact that Kate is clad in a casual outfit, wearing little make-up and with her brunette hair unstyled, makes her more relatable to audiences.

“This is Kate ‘unplugged’,” says Judi.

The Duchess looks relaxed and speaks into her camera in the way that the majority of us do – or have done – in our everyday lives.

This rare video demonstrates another side of Kate – one that we do not often get to see.

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“It’s as though she has stripped back all her symbols of royalty and glamour to take a plunge at appearing in a very personal way,” says Judi.

She adds: “That deep-end dive has clearly paid off.”

Proof that Kate’s personal approach has worked comes from the hundreds of comments underneath her video on Twitter.

“Oh wow! A video of the Duchess taken by herself. Loved it – and all her words too,” wrote one fan.

In the video, Kate speaks about Children’s Mental Health Week, which begins tomorrow, and encourages parents to prioritise and talk about their own mental health too.

Judi comments on Kate’s use of body language while talking about a matter that is clearly close to her heart.

The body language expert says: “Her objective is to motivate and inspire to action and she achieves that via her upbeat body language and tone.

“This very active-looking version of Kate is contagious when it comes to selling her message, and her rounded cheeks and the dimpling around her lips as she smiles suggests joining in will be fun as well as helpful,” she adds.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s facial expression, and especially her eyes, make her messages “sound genuine and rather moving”.

“Kate’s narrowed eye-gaze is unswerving here and comes straight out of the camera to talk to us personally,” says Judi.

The body language expert also notes that Kate’s decision to step outside “the royal bubble” in this selfie video, doing something alone and in her own way, perhaps reveals a talent “that the rest of the royals currently lack”.

“The pandemic has seen all the key royals search for their ‘place’ when it comes to messaging the nation and while some are still searching, Kate might just have achieved her most powerful spot yet in terms of direct connection and authenticity,” Judi says.

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