Katy Perry sports Northland maternity wear company Cadenshae in new music video

It’s the kind of exposure most small brands could only dream of – a global megastar, pushing her new baby, in a new music video, all while wearing your label.

And for Kiwi brand Cadenshae, the shock is still setting in after Katy Perry wore not one product but an entire outfit from the Northland brand in her music video Not The End of The World.

Perry can be seen pushing a stroller while sporting a baseball cap, Cadenshae breastfeeding hoodie ($84.99) and maternity tights ($89.99). The appearance is her only feature in the video, which stars her lookalike Zooey Deschanel, who is abducted by aliens and mistaken for Perry.


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Ellen Chisholm, the PR and communications manager for the brand, told the Herald that when owners Nikki and Adam Clarke saw the footage they couldn’t believe it: “Both Nikki and Adam were in disbelief! Just so stoked!”

“We had absolutely no idea! We knew she liked the gear as she was snapped in the same hoodie and leggings a few months ago, but to see her in the gear on the video was just amazing!”

The brand sent the set to Perry but wasn’t sure she got it or would ever wear it. However, after seeing paparazzi shots a few months ago the saw that not only did Perry get it, she was wearing it.

“Nikki and Adam wrote me a message one day that simply said, ‘Katy Perry … GO!’ I knew she’d had a baby, I knew what they wanted me to try do, but I just thought, ‘there’s no way!'”

But always up for a challenge, Chisholm managed to work some Hollywood connections to get the activewear in the hands of Perry.

“It was a pretty cool ‘what the heck!’ moment,” recalls Chisholm.

Clearly a favourite, Perry picked the outfit for her latest music video, which has already had over 1.1 million views in less than eight hours.


Since Perry first wore the set, the brand have noticed a boom in sales, “particularly for the hoodie and from the US market”.

The functional activewear brand has become a favourite among Kiwi mums, founded after Nikki felt there were no activewear options that she could wear while breastfeeding and out and about.

“Before I became a mother, I was a personal trainer, and so once I had recovered post birth, I decided to head back to the gym to catch up with clients, show Caden off (my first born), and do a bit of a work-out.

“As I was working out, Caden got fussy, so I went to feed her and this is when my ‘ah-ha’ moment came about! I battled my sports bra, trying to pull it up over my breasts to feed.

“Once I finally managed that, milk was being pushed down and coming out too fast for Caden. It was a mess, and I was left infuriated. ‘This is impossible! There’s got to be a better way!’ I thought. So, as soon as I got home, I went online to look for some quality nursing sports bras.”

Nikki was shocked to find there was absolutely nothing that fit her needs as an active mum.

“I decided there and then if no one else would make the gear mums/moms needed, then I’d give it a go! I had absolutely no experience in fashion design, but I knew what was needed, so began drawing.

Fast forward to 2020 and the company is set to turnover close to $7 million next year.

Cadenshae now employs 16 staff and is recognised as the leading activewear brand for pregnant and nursing mothers worldwide.

And with an endorsement from the likes of Perry, there appears to be no limit for where you might see the brand next.

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